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In case any of my friends or family members actually read this Blog, please consider all Names, Characters, Places and Incidents to be the product of the author's imagination and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locales are entirely COINCIDENTAL...Muaaah!! Now, really, about me: I bring the crazy wherever I go, so I've been told...I make fun of myself more than anyone else ever could. I hate: the awkward silence in elevators, watches with no numbers, picky eaters, Cancer and legalism. I love: coffee, stalking Hugh Jackman, my Spanx, COMMENTS, sarcasm and writing: Middle Grade, NA, YA Paranormal and Urban Fantasy.

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I'm A Crazy Cat Lady

HELLO. My name is Jaybird and I'm a Crazy Cat Lady. 

But I refuse to be ashamed... 

Here's the proof:

Check out my short story in this awesome anthology. All proceeds from the purchase of this book go straight to Cats Protection. You can purchase it at Amazon. Drop me a line- let me know what you think of my feline inspired story/contribution to this anthology. Look for it on page 36,  it's called "The Nightmare". If you'd like more information or if you're a Crazy Cat Lady/person too, please feel free to tell me all about it here.  

Below: This is the face that launched a thousand ships, so to speak. She is what sparked my descent into Crazy Cat Ladydome.... allow me to introduce my kitty, Princess Filamena Joy.

These days, we are all a bit more, uh, "fluffy". 

This is my Ginger Boy, who we lost last year. I miss him something awful. 
But he will ALWAYS hold a special place in my Crazy Cat Lady heart.


  1. I'm a CRAZY cat lady. See my blog here.

    1. Hi Sunni! Thank you for stopping by. I'm so happy to meet you. I get super excited to meet other cat people. Crazy cat ladies unite!!