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Monday, April 6, 2015

E is for Ellis Island

I'll be picking up where we left off on my A-Z journey through the State of New Jersey with the letter E. E is for Ellis Island!!

The "Great Hall" at Ellis Island

Wait, is Ellis Island in New York or New Jersey? The short answer to that question is yes to both! As per a US Supreme Court ruling in 1998, Ellis Island belongs within the territorial jurisdiction of both New York and New Jersey, depending upon where you are. But first and foremost, keep in mind the entire island is federal property as it has been since 1808, superceeding any other territorial disputes. 
Here is a copy of the ferry map- where you can clearly see why NJ and NY battle it out over territorial rights!
Liberty State Park, in Jersey City, New Jersey has always been the easiest, most hassle free way to access Ellis Island, to me, but I'll leave that argument for another day. Bottom line, no matter which state you choose to enter through, a visit to Ellis Island is a must! Why? Over 12 million immigrants entered the United States through Ellis Island during the years 1892 to 1924. 100 million Americans can trace their ancestry to the immigrants who crossed this island before dispersing to points all over the country!  There is so much history here and so much to do and see around the island, I believe everyone should take the time to visit Ellis Island while visiting the East Coast. 


  1. I've only seen this in movies. How cool to visit someday! Hope you had a great Easter!

  2. That's a lot of immigrants in a short period of time, especially considering the time period.

  3. I would love to visitEllis Island one day. No idea is was part NJ. Interesting!

  4. I'd love to visit! Ellis Island is where my family dropped some of our name to sound more American.

  5. loving your tour of the great, underrated state of new jersey! never been sight seeing up there, but i really need to - thanks for highlighting some great spots - esp the diners and dives! yum!
    happy e day!

  6. I'm sure my grand parents went through Ellis Island when they emigrated here in 1901. That would be a fascinating place to visit! Have fun with the rest of the challenge!


  7. "100 million Americans can trace their ancestry to the immigrants who crossed this island before dispersing to points all over the country!" - that fact is just mind blowing to me! what an amazingly rich history Ellis Island has!