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Saturday, April 4, 2015

D is for Delis, Diners and Dives

Hey Everybody! Hope you are all cruising along and getting the hang of the A-Z. I have been really enjoying all the great themes you clever people have out there. Tomorrow we are off, and since my house will be filling up very quickly today with family, friends and lots of food, I just wanted to say Happy Pesach (Passover) and Easter, to all my peeps who celebrate such.

Okay- letter D. I'd like to take you on my own version of triple "D".  How about the best NJ delis, diners and dives? We don't have too many drive-ins anymore, except for Stewarts, which is really good, but not (I don't think) exclusive to NJ.  It was seriously hard to narrow down all of the amazing places there are to eat here. I tried my very best, but there are SOOOO many more.
This is the chocolate cake my family likes to take home from Harold's for a special b-day treat.  

BEST DELI:  #1 has to go to Harold's in Edison, New Jersey. There is absolutely nothing you can order here that tastes bad. Nothing.  I must warn you though, the portions are obscene. They supersize everything!! Do not go to Harold's full or without friends to help you eat your way through their menu.
Here's a sample of their  hot pastrami sandwich. See what I mean about the portions? 

BEST DINER:  #1 Tick, Tock Diner, Clifton, New JerseyOkay, this one was seriously hard!! There are so many great diners in New Jersey, whether you are from North, Central or South Jersey we all have a favorite diner. I chose this diner because of  it's (1) location (2) food (3) notoriety.
The location is great because of it's proximity to Giant's Stadium. When the weather gets a bit too nippy for tailgating- The Husband and I have found ourselves sitting in the Tick Tock with tons of other frozen Giants fans. The food is not over the top outstanding, it's the typical, basic, diner fair but it's done well. Now, as far as the notoriety, everybody knows of the Tick Tock. It's more like a landmark than a restaurant sometimes.
Can't really miss it.

BEST DIVE: #1 Della's, Cape May, NJ. This choice may be a little controversial, since it's technically a five and dime, and not really a restaurant. It's more store, with a long counter that serves old fashion ice cream, sodas, shakes and some simple foods. Over the years, Della's has become our little secret spot to pop in off the beach and grab a quick bite to eat. You would never know that they have the best BLT sandwiches, on the cheap. And in Cape May, most things do not come cheap. They have all kinds of novelties in the store and fun old fashioned toys and candy for the kids. That's why I have to name Della's one of my favorite NJ "dives" to eat. 
Here's a shot of the outside
Really straight up old school and simply fantastic, if you ask me!



  1. Hello, Visiting from A-Z, oh yeah and visiting from NJ, yep a Jersey girl myself. My husband and I got married in a B&B in Cape May. I didn’t know about Della’s. I want to check it out now.
    And you are right, our state is pretty spectacular!

  2. Wow, that chocolate cake looks completely amazing!

    Annalisa, writing A-Z vignettes, at Wake Up, Eat, Write, Sleep

  3. YUM! That looks so good. I'm really hungry right now. We have so few drive-in diners around here. Sonic is the one that we go to. Have a happy Easter too!

  4. That's cool the last place has a bar for ice cream. Not many of those exist anymore.
    And I could really dive into that sandwich.

  5. Love the five and dime with the old fashioned ice cream counter. Don't see many of those anymore.

    I hope you and yours have a most joyous Easter Celebration. One of the best days all year

  6. Happy Easter!!!! :D

    I would love to go to NJ diners and pig out! Yum!!!

  7. I love hidden treasures. Thanks for sharing some of yours.

  8. We have our favorites here as well. Nothing can beat a family run restaurant with just good food.

  9. Oh I saw the picture of the chococlate cake and my mind went to mush. Yummmm. All those look like great places to eat out. And you know, of all the years I lived in the States, I don't think I've ever eaten a Peep..... Happy Easter!

  10. I've only been a Jersey Girl for the past 40 or so years, so I might not be qualified to weigh in here, but I'm partial to the Skylark Diner on Route 1 in Edison. Excellent service, great food. Happy Holiday!

  11. They all sound delicious! I'll have to make note of them if ever traveling in New Jersey.


  12. Oh I want to travel up there now and hit that deli. I miss having a good one around here.

  13. I love those 50s-style diners. Nothing like it. The colors, the music, the food...LOVE those places! I worked in one as a teenager and even had a love for that type of restaurant when I was that young.

  14. All three of those places looks fantastic! I love the old-style feel of Della's!