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Friday, April 3, 2015

C is for Cape May

Emlen Physick Estate is a favorite of mine- it's open for tours all year long.
In the summer, you can walk or better yet, take an air-conditioned trolley
right to the estate. Stay for lunch, tea or tasty treats in the Carriage House! 
Cape May is a well-known Jersey town to visit, unlike some of the other places I've highlighted for you so far. But it's completely amazing so it's totally worth stopping here!!

View from the Cape May Lighthouse, always a fun place to stop!
Cape May hosts and highlights some of New Jersey's best restaurants, shops, activities and white sand beaches. Victorian Week, restaurant week and the Exit 0 Jazz Festival are not to be missed!

Just head down to the Washington Street Mall and you'll see the trolleys, ready to go.
Find the tour you're most interested in- we've taken the Lighthouse Tour, Ghosts of Cape May,
and of course, my personal favorite, the Emlen Physick Estate Tour. 
Here's my daughter Faith, at the Washington Street Mall Fountain
Where you are surrounded by unique shops, restaurants and fun things to do!
Of course, no stop to Cape May for my family would be complete without a visit to the Peter Shields Inn & Restaurant, where Chef Carl Messick creates some serious culinary magic! Chef Carl happens to be  Faith's culinary hero and his menu NEVER fails to deliver. I recommend the PSI to every foodie who asks us the million dollar question, "Where should I eat in Cape May??"
Faith and her hero, Chef Carl Messick, Executive Chef
The Peter Shields Inn & Restaurant, Cape May, NJ
Not only is he a ridiculously talented chef, but one heck of a nice guy too!
Although the restaurant keeps him extremely busy, he always, always, goes out of his way to come out of the kitchen
and spend some time with our little foodie Faith.
Chef Carl's foie gras- insanely good
One of my favorite PSI entrees to order:
hangar steak with crab risotto- oh man now my mouth is watering.

Faith and me catching our breath on a bench over at the Washington Street Mall,
exhausted after a day of  walking, shopping, playing, eating and hanging out in Cape May, NJ 


  1. Oh yeah, this looks like my kind of place. Good food, fun shops, and some great sightseeing!

    1. You would love it Fae. And I would love to show it to you!!!

  2. That food looked delicious!! Would love to visit Cape May some day.


    1. Victorian week is my absolute favorite time to visit. So much to do, so little time!!

  3. You're definitely changing my view of New Jersey!

    1. YAY!! That's what I'm talking about. Thanks Samantha!!

  4. And he knows how to serve it with style! If I ever visit Jersey, I will sample Faith's hero's food.

    1. Oh Alex,if you ever find yourself in NJ it would be lovely for you to take your wife to the PSI. They have live music on Saturday evenings and it's just awesome. You can sit and listen to music, watch the ocean and eat some amazing NJ cuisine! Faith loves to give her menu "recommendations" to people. She pretty much tells each one of us exactly what to order every time we go! It's not hard for me to relinquish control over to her, that kid knows what she's talking about!

  5. Never heard of Cape May before, but it sounds great! The Ghosts of Cape May tour seems especially fun...

    1. You know I'm a chicken and I was afraid but everyone convinced me to go, so I went anyway. And, I was glad I did. Really quite interesting and not scary at all. I'm more into the history of the places and a lot of the ghost stories come with history. Turned out to be pretty cool actually.

  6. I'd like to ride the trolley. That seems like something from another time. How nice that Carl has a personal touch with his loyal customers.

    1. The trolley is great fun! It is such a nice way to get around, especially when this old lady gets tired and can't walk much anymore. The kids enjoy it too though, so nice treat for everyone.

  7. Oh man, that food looks delicious! *drools* And Cape May seems like a gorgeous little city!

  8. Here I've been, but only for a couple of hours. My sister took us there when she was still living in NJ. I enjoyed the visit I did have.

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