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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Is Writing Hereditary?

The first thing I think I prayed for besides their health, was that none of my children would inherit my math skills. And thank God, they haven't. But I did wonder what in the world I would contribute to them. Would they inherit any or all of my faults? How about any of my positive attributes or my likes or dislikes? How much of that would be me steering them that direction and/or how much of that would be from their own desires? It makes me wonder.

I certainly knew going in I would bring zero math skills to the table. Sometimes, just looking at numbers gives me hives. Oh, in addition to my math deficiencies, I lack athletic ability, coordination and physical strength of any kind. No mad sports skills could be inherited from me. Ever. But at least, I thought, they'd have a chance of taking after their father. The Husband, although we are no longer as svelte as we once were, is still extremely athletic, quick and freakishly strong. Which literally blows people's minds. Picture this- he's built just like an alligator, only hairy. He's thick and solid but can turn on the speed in short bursts, taking his prey completely by surprise. I mean, who expects something with no neck to be able to move like that? This particular skill set comes in handy in his current profession. No one sees the fat cop coming until it's too late...but I digress.

Would my girls inherit any of my neurosis? Like my fear of heights, tight spaces, camping, dark water, spiders or Ben Affleck? What about any of my good qualities? (Yes, I do believe there are a few redeeming qualities about me.) Would they inherit a heart that's full of compassion, mercy and love for others? What about my ridiculous sense of humor or my ability to make friends wherever I go? What about my likes and dislikes? Would they have their nose shoved in a book 24/7 or would they rather be out running a marathon? How much of their personality and abilities would be like me, and how much would they be like their father? And why.

As of now, I'd have to say my girls are about a 50-50 mix. And, thank you Jesus, none of them have inherited my phobias or anxieties. As a matter of fact, all three do fantastic in school, love hiking, camping, shooting, and the water. They are even scuba certified! Oh and every time there's a spider in the house they have no problem taking care of it for me. Funny, my girls are all a little thick in frame, and none of them have a fondness for running...but man, can they turn on the speed when they want to. Two out of my three girls, (plus my one niece and my brother)  have all written novels. Do you think a love of writing was somehow grafted into our DNA? How come we all love to read and write so much? Is it coincidence?

I have to ask- what character traits do you think you inherit from your parents? What likes and/or dislikes? Did you ever feel like you were coerced into liking some things? Are we destined to become like our parents, in some small way, no matter how hard we fight it? What do you think?