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Monday, June 23, 2014

A Little Bird's Nest update...

It's officially summer over here at the Bird's Nest. Well, at least for two of my little chicks. The oldest has four more finals and days left in this marking period. Of course, she has been working her little tail feathers off, trying to finish the last of her big projects up and cramming for her final exams. This year, her very first in Middle School, (and the extremely tough Gifted and Talented program she is enrolled in)  proved to be very challenging. We had many ups and downs. I'm happy to say, the ups outnumbered the downs, which is a very good thing indeed. Any new school environment takes time to adjust to. Overall, she had a stellar year, growing academically and physically. I can't believe my little girl is going to be an 8th grader!
Dr. Faith during a recent frog dissection.  It's not easy being green.
So Chick #2, a/k/a the middle child, just graduated from 6th grade and will be making her way over to the "big Middle School" next.  She did amazing at her graduation, winning a Peer Leadership Award (which as her momma, I was so stinking proud of, even more so than any of the academic awards she received). Sitting in the audience, watching her graduate, gave me the worst sense of deja vu. Was it only last June that I watched  daughter #1 do the very same thing? But chick #2 took it to another level when she decided to apply for the same gifted and talented program as her older sister. Gah!! The pressure of having to live up to your over-achieving big sister! I wondered and worried incessantly if this would be too much for her. Thankfully, she does not take after her anxiety-ridden mother. She welcomes any academic challenge. My smart little chickadee made it through Phase 1, (woot, woot) which means they accepted her portfolio, work samples, teacher recommendations and test scores. She had her interview and assessment tests on the 17th, which constitutes Phase 2. Just getting through to this last stage is truly amazing. Now, we just have to wait. Sitting and waiting for the phone to ring....is that hardest part, for me. Cause waiting patiently, yeah, not my strong suit.
Farrah, receiving a great big hug and award from her teacher, while the Superintendent watches and smiles.
On to daughter #3. She may be the smartest, toughest chickadee of all. It's not easy being third in line. But she always finds a way to stand out. She is truly a bird that marches to the beat of her own drum, or guitar is more appropriate, cause that's her instrument of choice.  Playing guitar, archery, being a part of the chorus, and heavily involved in Girl Scouts, are some of her favorite things. But she's no chump in the academic department either, having achieved nothing less than a 96 as a final grade in any of her classes.
Frankie on our recent trip to Florida.

If you couldn't already tell, The Husband and I are very proud of all three of our little chicks. We take delight in watching them grow into their diverse personalities, as well as watching all of their academic achievements, but most of all, for the loving, kind and respectful chickadees they are becoming. But man, oh man, am I really looking forward to a homework/project-free summer. One full of rest, relaxation and tons and tons of books. I can't wait to catch up on my TBR pile, that's floor to ceiling high right now. As well as get back to work on some of the writing projects I had to shove aside for lack of time during the school year, as I was too busy being chauffeur, chef, counselor, activities coordinator and social director.  Being a mom is the hardest job I have ever had, but by far the most rewarding.

What are your plans for the summer? Any of your chickadees graduate? I have to give a shout out to my  niece Holly, who graduated from high school on Friday night. I am extremely proud of her. Drop me a comment Peeps- what makes you most proud of  your chicks (or yourself)?  ~ Jaybird .

My niece Holly 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Axe Epidemic

There is a new and rather disturbing trend that has become popular with Middle School boys. This fad is what my daughter and I have come to refer to as "The Axe Epidemic".   I'm not sure about anywhere else in the country, but the boys around these parts have all lost their minds and their olfactory glands, because they have decided that taking a bath in Axe body spray, is a substantial substitute for antiperspirant/deodorant. And  they would be, of course, dead WRONG!

I was first made painfully aware of this epidemic, at the beginning of the school year. Back in the early and still quite warm months of September and October, my daughter BEGGED me not to have to ride home on the late bus. At first, I thought it was because she was new and as a 7th grader, one the youngest to attend the school. I assumed she was intimidated and afraid of all the rowdy, ginormous 9th grade football players that pile onto said late bus, after practice. Like any other good, enabling mother, I started to pick her up after school everyday, thinking it would be best, just until she got settled into her new school and all. But I should have given my daughter more credit. She is her father's daughter and is not easily intimidated by anyone. Never in a million years would I have guessed the real reason my kid didn't want to take the late bus home.

A significant amount of time passed. I saw her adjusting well to her school and becoming comfortable in her classes and new routine.  I suggested she start taking the late bus home again. That's when she broke down and said, "Mom, I just can't take it." I swooped in like an after-school special. I was armed and ready to go with my love who you are, go self-esteem, be a leader not a follower speech... But before I even got through my awesome opening statement, she jumped in, cutting me off saying, "Mom, do you think I am afraid of the football players?"  "Yes, I did. I do. Wait, aren't you?"  "NO!" She yelled at me and started laughing in my face. Which was reassuring, I guess. After containing herself, she added, "I don't want to take the bus home with them because they smell so bad they make me want to puke! They come out of the locker room in a cloud of Axe so thick you can't  breathe. I have to hold my breath the whole way home or inhale the fumes. They make the late bus smell like Axe and hoagie. It's disgusting!!"

My question is, why isn't anyone telling these poor, stinky boys that Axe is NOT a substitute for deodorant? If not a parent, what about a coach? A friend? A sister? Have any of you fallen victim to the Axe epidemic?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June Meeting of the Insecure Writer's Support Group

For more information or to find a list of the other participants in this month's meeting of the Insecure Writer's Support Group, pop on over here: Alex J. Cavanaugh.

This month I am not really in the mood to rehash and dwell on all of the same old writer insecurities that have been plaguing me. You know, the old, I'm not good enough, check. I'm afraid to fail, check. I have ZERO time, check. I lack inspiration, check. Slow pacing, check, bad grammar/editing, check, check...flat characters...check. Oh yeah, all of those stupid insecurities are still with me. I haven't beaten them, yet. But I believe with all certainty, I can. And one day, I will!

This month, even though every excuse I have had from the beginning is  holding onto me like a desperate mother who reaches out and grabs a fist full of  her toddler's shirt, I'd like to think of myself more like one of those kids who doesn't stop, but kind of wiggles and wrestles themselves away from whatever or whoever is trying to hold them back! I'd like to start to change my way of thinking and stay in a positive frame of mind. I may wrestle and struggle. But at least I'm fighting! And one day, I'm gonna come up swinging. I will break free.  I will stamp out each and every last one of those ugly excuses from my mind, until they no longer exist.  What about you? What do you need to break free from? Let's make a break for it, together!!!