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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow Days

Without so much as a flake in sight, it's hard to believe that (according to the Weather Channel) we are about to get hit with somewhere around 12 inches of snow.  Regardless of what I see right now outside my window, the school called and informed me they are dismissing the kids early today. I'm sure the students are absolutely thrilled. Especially mine. Cause one thing my girls LOVE are snow days!
Here's a  partial shot of The Bird's Nest in the snow. 
How do you feel about snow days? Do you start big projects or aim to get a lot done while you are trapped inside? Maybe you like to take it easy and bust out the movies. Perhaps you love nothing more than to bundle up and get knee deep in the white stuff.  Maybe, you are more like me and you prefer to pass the time curled up inside with a good book, a hot cup of coffee and a nice, warm, fire blazing.  However you prefer to spend the day, my wish for you is that it's a good one!

Here's a little piece the impending snow storm inspired me to write:
Anna shuffled along the snowy sidewalk. Her progress was slow, but this trek was critical. She steeled herself against the freezing wind, pulling her wool cap down over her ears and her parka a little tighter around her body. She mumbled as she shuffled along, about how stupid she was to allow her supplies of toilet paper and coffee to dwindle down to nothing. This never would have happened if Jack were still alive. Anna had always kept the pantry stocked and fridge full, for him. Somehow, living alone, made her incapable of focusing on the necessities, until they were all gone.

As she pressed along to the commissary, thoughts of Jack and pangs of grief consumed her. He was never far from her mind but going to the store brought back so many memories. And with those memories, came the pain. Pain so immediate and sharp it stole the breathe right from her body. Loss was merciless. It ripped out your heart and left nothing behind but a raw, gaping hole. A hole that could never be filled, a rip that could never be mended. Anna was grateful for her memories though. Because memories, regardless of how they stung, were the only pieces of Jack loss couldn't rip away.

Ah, Jack... Jack, Jack, Jack. Anna shook her head and smirked at the thought of what an amazing character her husband was. He would turn the most mundane tasks, even stupid trips like this to the food store, into a romantic adventure. The best she could hope for these days was to get in and out of there as fast as possible, and hope like hell she didn't attract the attention of anyone she knew in the process. The building's automatic doors swished open and a welcome wave of heat hit Anna.

“Evening Mam. Sure is cold out there.” She flashed her military id and mumbled some sort of acknowledgment at the greeter, but didn't stop moving or make any eye contact. Anna couldn't bare to look up and see if he was some random kid being polite or confirm that he was one of the young Marines who had known her husband. Many who served under his command had been reassigned or had  moved on. If she were smart, Anna would have moved on from this cold, remote base too. But for some reason, she just couldn't bring herself to.

She had planned to make her way through the produce isle quickly, but Anna stopped short when she saw the pineapples. Picking up what had to be the saddest looking pineapple on the planet, she inhaled the scent of the tropical fruit and about a dozen memories flooded her mind .

Man, did her husband love fresh pineapple. They passed so many warm, happy days eating it too, while stationed in Hawaii. Anna pictured Jack, with that goofy grin on his face, stuffing pineapple after pineapple in his gob, juice dripping down his fingers. None of the pineapples stateside could ever compare. Sighing, Anna replaced the fruit and turned to move on. The pineapple had other ideas.

The fruit slid, and caused an avalanche. Who knew one rogue pineapple could cause the entire display to come crashing down? Everyone in the store turned to look in her direction. Anna bent down and slowly started to pick up all of the pieces, feeling very much like the broken fruit at her feet.


  1. What is snow? #Tennesseeproblems

    But really, I haven't had a snow day in a long time. We usually just get some delays so I sleep a little longer :D

    That was such a good piece! I really felt that sense of loss. It's funny how little things (like pineapples) can really make the heart ache. Well done!

    Writing Through College

  2. Don't you hate it when produce tumbles like that?
    We're supposed to get an inch or so. I'll believe it when I see it.

  3. I've never experienced a snow day, or even snow! It's mythological where I live... XD

    Still, very cool how snow inspired you to write! This was such a great piece. I can't help but feel so sorry for Anna...

  4. Great piece. Read your last post this morning and came back to comment. Having trouble with my fibro so typing is very painful, but wanted you to know praying for you regularly.

  5. As a child, we rejoiced at snow days. Now I know.

    A fruit avalanche is embarrassing. Just walk away slowly, and no one will think it was you.

  6. We rarely get snow days, though if we do I hope I don't have to drive anywhere

  7. Lovely piece of writing! <3

    I love a snow day, unfortunately, on the south coast of England, they are extremely rare!

  8. Jamaica has no snow and hearing 12 inches increases my lack of regret. I'm just glad you are writing Jay. Keep it and I liked your writing today.

  9. No snow days here in my part of the world, yet. I like them, as long as they don't go on for weeks, as I get a little stir crazy! Would actually quite enjoy a snowball fight with my boys, it's been a year since it last snowed.

    Beautiful piece of writing. Thanks for sharing. <3

  10. Ack! We had the same snow day and earlier, during the cold snap, a cold day!!! I always like the first one and then we're all really ready to go back to normal routine!

  11. What a beautiful little story.

    Snow is such a double edged sword. I'm confined to the house, so I feel like I SHOULD write... but then I get stir crazy, because I know I can't go anywhere. Which kills my productivity. What a cruel mistress.

  12. Such a bitter sweet story--Annie trying to survive snow and loss. Pineapple on the floor, good touch.