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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bird's Nest Transitions and Sacrifice HER Cover Reveal!

Hey Everyone! First things first: do you all know the lovely Miss Sheena over at Queendsheena?  I count myself blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know her.  Initially, Sheena and I met through the A-Z Challenge, where I honestly think she gave the Ninja Captain himself, Alex  J. Cavanaugh  a run for his money when it came to leaving the most comments!! (Which we all know it's close to impossible to beat Alex in the comment department, LOL) Today, I could not be happier to take part in Sheena's cover reveal for Sacrifice HER! It's awesome. Please take a moment and  show Sheena some love by checking  it out:

                                                             Sacrifice HER by Sheena-kay Graham
Goodreads: Sacrifice HER
       Release Date: December 2013

 Summary: When a city is at stake is the life of one sixteen-year old girl worth risking thousands? Deidra Moore goes on the run after escaping from a group of human sacrifices for Bane: God of War. She doesn't believe he exists and sees uncertainty in the scorching desert as a better alternative. But Faux City isn't finished with her and their leader Lord Brinn is ordered by Bane - through one of his maiden worshipers- to bring her back or face dire consequences. In the desert Deidra meets a wanderer named Kane and as feelings spark can they find a safe place to lead a new life before Lord Brinn and his soldiers catch up with them? Yet the question remains. Does Bane really exist and if he does what will happen if either side succeeds or fails? Told in alternating perspectives of both the runaway servant girl and the blonde strong willed leader.
Author Bio:
Sheena-kay Graham was never meant for a traditional job behind a desk. Her childhood career plans included becoming a ballerina, actress or someone who helped people. So naturally she decided to be a writer who writes from her bed. Yes, no desk for this Jamaican book lover. No matter if it’s reading, writing or using the computer....you get the gist. The love of the written word has always been with her leading to stories, novels, poetry and way too much fan fiction. This Christian woman can be found trolling Amazon online, in local book bookstores, watching movies on the big screen, or in her bed, or reading/writing/on the laptop...again in her bed. Mainly writes YA fiction and is ready to unleash her creativity to wow the masses.
Now I'd like to talk about some hard transitions that are happening over at the Bird's Nest. Specifically, the transition from elementary school to Junior High School. It's been a rough one. I don't know about you, but going from a tiny school with a total of 120 students, where the Superintendent/Principal knows every single one of the kids by their first name, to a ginormous regional school with over a 1,000 students, can be pretty traumatic. (The media center in the Junior High School alone could fit our entire elementary school in it...) Faith has never even had a male teacher before.

Besides getting used to the overall largeness and diversity of the school, Faith got accepted to a very competitive academic program called GATE. No other students from her elementary school that  applied got accepted. She literally knows no one in any of her classes. (Except for in lunch, thank God she knows one other girl.) It's a such a tough thing, for a shy kid to start all over again. It's hard for her to make new friends. I keep encouraging her to try to start conversations with the other girls and maybe extend herself a bit, but Faith doesn't have my type of outrageous outgoing personality. Needless to say, things have been a bit bumpy.

It's only been five days since she started. On the first day she got lost a few  times, but still managed to make it to class on time. Yesterday, she had her brand new sneakers which she only wore once,  stolen right out from under her in the locker room. Then she came home and tried to access her student account called EDMODO and could not get in. She couldn't finish her homework  and to a kid like Faith not finishing a homework assignment is just as criminal as someone stealing her sneakers! Oh, there was a whole lot of wailing and crying.  I e-mailed her teacher and he e-mailed me back almost immediately saying not to worry he would personally walk her through it the next day. He was very understanding and so helpful. On another positive note, she made the volleyball team. Which was a whole other worry for her (and me) since this is the first time she has tried out for a sport. Academically, this program is tough but Faith is a smart cookie and I have no doubt she will ultimately be fine. Me, on the other hand, am one giant mess. Emotionally, I can't believe my baby is in Junior High School.  Academically, I never felt like a bigger dumb ass than when The Husband and I sat through the GATE orientation!
I still can't believe my sweet little girl is in Junior High School. Ugh.
 As soon as the Math teacher stood up and started walking us through a bit of her curriculum, it was like she was speaking a completely different language. I didn't understand a word coming out of her mouth. I heard,  "Calculus, equations, differential and blah, blah, wha, wha, wha" Then it all sounded like Charlie Brown's teacher. I blanked. My kid is in seventh grade! And she's going to be doing Calculus? Holy crap. The same thing happened with Science- all I heard was microbiology and virology and something, something....The Husband and I looked at each other and panicked. But then, we looked over at Faith and saw a huge smile on her face. At least she seemed super stoked about it. The teachers are all absolutely amazing and Faith seems to like them all a whole lot. I'm betting Faith will wind up doing very well. Now, for me, the best part of this whole stinking transition is that the GATE program has Faith enrolled in a class called Genres of Writing. *SQUEEE!* Finally, someone is speaking MY language. After listening to that teacher talk about her genres curriculum I was so freaking excited I wanted to sign up for the class!!  It's awesome. Just listen to this- Faith's first assignment was to write: "If you were to receive superpowers for just one day, what kind of superhero would you be and why?"  The next assignment was to write a horror story with a twist, based on one of Edgar Allen Poe's tales!!! I think I might do that stinking assignment myself because it sounded like so much fun! 

Overall, I'm sure in a big transition year such as this, we will be experiencing many ups and  downs. I am just praying that by the end the ups will madly outweigh all the downs and things will eventually calm down and even out. And then, I have the added pleasure to look forward to repeating this entire transition process all over again with child #2, Farrah Beth, who will be graduating and moving on up to the Junior High School herself,  next year!  (Lord have mercy!)  

Friday, September 6, 2013

Welcome to My Wonderful Life

So, here I am, rushing to get to the bank yesterday before it closes, when I realize I left the check I wanted to deposit, home on the kitchen counter. I have to turn around and go back, after I had driven almost all the way to the stupid bank.

I dash back into the house, grab the check and hurry back out the door. I run straight into a cob web. A huge cob web that gets tangled in my hair and laces itself across my face. Many of you know I am completely bat-shiz crazy and suffer from many phobias, but arachnophobia is at the very top of that list. I am convinced that there is a spider on me somewhere, and I am FREAKING OUT. But I can't fart around looking for an imaginary spider because the bank is going to close and I won't be able to deposit that check. Dang. I jump in my sweet WHIP, (a/k/a my mini-van) and take off.

The whole time I'm driving I'm still totally wigging, peeking up in my rear-view mirror, checking my reflection and running my  fingers through my hair, trying to see if there is a spider (God forbid) on me. I can't shake that creepy-crawly feeling. I open all the windows in the vain hope that if there is a spider on me it will blow out with the breeze. (I know this is completely retarded but it makes me feel better.)  I make a sharp left and my totally awesome Wolverine bobble-head I have had on my dashboard forever flies out the freaking window. I am driving on a super highway with a ton of lanes- there is no way I can go back and recover it. I am devastated, but what can I do?  :(

Finally, we make it back to the bank. But we have to wait, because now, there is a line. I get into the drive up middle lane, which looks like it's the shortest but of course, it's not. We have to wait longer than anyone else. Twenty minutes later, it's our turn and I place the check and deposit slip in the plastic bank thingy and press the button.  A fight breaks out in the back of the van, over something really important, like who's the best Mario Kart player or some such bull and it starts to get heated.  I start yelling over the seat for the girls to settle down and knock it off because I have a headache and am all frazzled from this whole ordeal. They keep fighting and completely ignore me and I am getting pissed- all I want to do is get the heck home. I grab the stupid plastic container and take out  my receipt. I place the thingy back in  the cradle that holds it and start to drive away. Only I didn't really place it all the way back in because at the last second, I feel something run down my leg!! So I involuntarily push the gas pedal and start swatting at my leg and screaming and I run the stupid thing over!!  I ran the plastic bank thing over- all you hear is this incredible CRUNCH. And then the van finally becomes silent. Every single car around me is staring and pointing and the people in the car behind me start honking their horn at me and are so pissed off, because they had to wait twenty minutes too and now they have no thingy to put their shit in and they are hollering at me! The fight between the girls is forgotten as they dissolve into giggles and total embarrassment. They duck down in their seats so no one can see them but don't stop laughing like crazy. I look over to the teller through the window and I realize she is laughing so hard she's crying. I put my arms up and am all, "Oops, my bad." What do I do?  Do I go back inside? Do I dare to just drive away? She waves me on. I don't wait for her to change her mind- I smoke my mini-van tires and ride off like a bat-shiz crazy bitch from hell.

Ah, welcome to just a little slice of my wonderful life... Some days, it's just so incredibly fun being me.~Jaybird

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

IWSG- Letting Go

The Insecure Writer's Support Group meets the first Wednesday of every month. Check it out over at Alex J. Cavanaugh's site, to find out more about this amazing group and what it's all about.

The month of September brings many changes in my life.  And I fear change. It's really hard for me to let go.  I will, of course, e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y let go, but it takes me a little more time than most to adapt. The same is true in my writing life.

Once I've committed to a plot, it's hard for me to shake it. I've found I'm very resistant to changing it. Even when it's not working. I hold on to my original ideas and dig in my heels and act like a three year old insisting I have my way. It's not pretty.  I know I have to let this childish attitude go. But I don't want to let it go! It's my story!  I want it to stay the saaame! Waaaaa!

Why can't I just let it go? Why do I have to act like a whiny, stinking child?  Help me out here guys, cause I'm digging in my heels even though I realize that I am being completely irrational. I could really use some help. Or a great big push and a  little encouragement, to help me move along...just  like the kid in this video.

What about you? Know you are being sentimental and holding on a little too tight to a piece of your story that really needs to be let go? Who else has a hard time just letting it go?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Red, White & Blue Makes Purple Blogfest

Happy Labor Day! Today I am participating in the Red, White & Blue Makes Purple blogfest, hosted by the fabulous Melanie Schultz.

Here's how this blogfest works:
1. Sign up on the Linky over at Melanie's blog and you receive 1 tally with your name on it (in a hat). Yes, a literal hat.
2. Post a short story of 500 words or less on your site on September 2, 2013, with a military theme, good for 10 tallies.
3. Post about this blogfest/contest on your blog sometime in the next week. - 1 tally
4. On September 2, visit those who have posted stories and leave a comment on their sites- 1 tally
5. On September 2, mention Melanie's blog- 1 tally

All the stories entered will be complied into an anthology and put into an e-book available on Kindle. All proceeds will go to Operation Purple, a great organization that sends children of our military to summer camp, free of charge.  And if that's not incentive enough, one randomly chosen entry will win a $50.00 amazon gift card, as well as a signed copy of Melanie's book, The Newstead Project. Win, win, all around if you ask me.

Here's My Entry:

         One, two, three. I count off in my head. Calm it down. You know what to do. Stop and slow your breathing. Who cares that you just ran a hundred feet at full tilt with shots fired at you in every direction? Too stinking bad you ripped every last bit of skin off your arm sliding into this prone position; none of that matters. Suck it up Marine!

My instincts and training snap into place. I focus on my breathing and go absolutely still. The air around me is hot, stagnant. I’m sweating profusely, which causes these little grains of rough sand to stick like glue to every last inch of me. I block out all the chaos around me until I hear absolutely nothing but the sound of my own breath. Four, five, six. The pain in my arm, disappears. There are no more uncomfortable bits of sand sticking to me. I do not feel the sweat dripping down my back or the blood flowing down my arm. The intense heat of the desert sun burning my skin dissipates. The sand fleas jumping around my ears fade to nothing. My pulse slows to a crawl. Seven, eight. Just breathe. In and out. I line up the shot. My spotter has fallen. Don't think about that. You can't think about that. Block. It. Out. Nothing matters but this shot. Snipers don't miss. I close my eyes and my wife's beautiful face, all lit up with that huge smile of hers, flashes briefly in my mind. Failure is not an option. Nine. I take in a deep breathe.

I squeeze the trigger. Ten.

Hope you liked my entry. Now I'm off to go check out all the others! Wishing you all a  marvelous Labor Day!  ~Jaybird