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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A-Z Challenge Letter T is for Thank you

T is the A-Z Challenge letter of the day.  My T will represent  (T)hank you. I felt the overwhelming need to say it this morning. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful comments and  support from my followers, old and new alike. Thank you to those who have stuck with  Jaybird and the Bird's Nest from my very first A is for Anarchy post and have hung on all the way up until now.  Thank you so much for embracing my brand of crazy. You guys rock my world!

OK, I'm done being polite. I've spared you long enough. It's time to drop some of my poetry on your asses.  I've titled this The Golden Circle. Who can impress me by taking a guess at what the golden circle might represent?

The golden circle

there is no beginning and no end

it wraps itself around and around

a golden circle shining in the sun

slipping itself around my heart

like a noose

it tightens

I choke, I gasp, I pray

let me be me

let me live

keep out

it keeps clawing away at my soul

stealing one little piece at a time

chip, chip, chip

stop it, stop it, stop it

but there is no beginning and no end

I'm suffocating, I choke, I sputter

I'm gone


I float up into the sky,

my essence mingles with the air

and I am flying, flying, flying

It claws, it clutches, it catches me

I am coming back down, down, down

now it holds on tighter

there is no beginning and no end

and there is no more me


  1. Beautiful and very, very sad.

  2. At first it made me think on the sun, then on a ring. Now I'm thinking I have no idea.

  3. Oh, so sad. I don't like "no more you".

  4. Yeah, I thought "wedding ring" too. Yikes!!!

  5. From the title, I guessed wedding ring, too. But the tone was too dark. Ya got me!
    New follower; fun post - made me think. :-)

  6. Poetry is so wonderful and yours is no exception. You're welcome :) I may not always comment, but I do try to read.

  7. Love? It's suffocating sometimes :D

    I wish I had a shred of talent when it comes to poetry, but alas I do not. I admire those who do though!

  8. My first thought was wedding ring (or at least a wedding ring on the wrong finger); then I thought of a halo...not that halo's themselves are bad, but the attempt to always be perfect suffocates and destroys the self.

  9. Appropriate topic this far into the Challenge. And dropping some of your poetry on us is perfectly fine with me. Loved it.

    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  10. Very enigmatic. Drop poetry anytime you feel like it!

  11. This is a very nice poem! Keep up the good work.


  12. Amazing poem. And what a great T post! :)

  13. Either heart break or despair. Samantha May makes a good guess too. Great poem and you're welcome and glad for all the support you've gotten Jay. And thanks for commenting on my blog and mentioning how I've kept up. It's nice to be told that people notice.

  14. You shouldn't ask me to think so hard after I get off work. Yeah, that's why I don't know the answer. I thought too hard at work. Right. That's it. :-)

  15. Very nicely done. I'm going to go along with 'love', and I don't think it's as sad as it sounds. When you're truly in love with someone there is generally no 'me' me but it is replaced by something better; 'us'.

  16. Gah! I am really, really hoping that you explain this poem tomorrow! I think it could possibly be marriage, but I am not entirely sold on that idea. But seriously, this is going to keep me awake! I must know :)

  17. I really like this and it has me guessing!

  18. That was very nice. Were you talking about a wedding band??

  19. I thought wedding ring, but nope, it has to be something else. Now, you have to tell us! It was super duper neato! :)

  20. I like what Elizabeth said about the halo...I think that's a pretty good answer. Very powerful poem; thank you for that!

  21. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought 'wedding ring' :-)

  22. Wow, what a powerful poem! The end is so incredibly sad. I have no idea what the golden circle could represent, though...

  23. What a great poem! My first thought was "halo".

    Be well,


    1. Hey Guys! Thanks for all of the amazing guesses- any of you who guessed "wedding ring" were right!

      I know that sounds awful, but let me explain. Years ago I dated someone for a long time (about 4 years) and he asked me to marry him. As soon as we got engaged, and my fiance slipped that ring on my finger, I started to feel like I couldn't breathe. I didn't think I could ever be myself and still live up to all of the expectations he had/wanted of me. Thank God I had the strength to call it off, before it was too late.

      As soon as I knew I couldn't go through with it, I slipped the ring off. I was heart-broken, but could immediately breathe again. Don't feel bad for him, he gladly took the ring back, sold it and bought himself a brand new red Porsche with the money. It all worked out for the best. He is a nice guy and a great friend, but obviously, he just wasn't the one for me. (Nor I for him.)

      Thanks again for everyone who took a stab at this!