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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Young Author's Conference

Due to the flu, my thought process has become a bit unstable.(I know what your thinking but even more than the usual, LOL) Thank you so much to everyone who sent well-wishes and prayers my way. We are on the mend, but not quite better yet. So I decided to repost something I previously wrote as it has come full circle and relevant in my life one again. It's called the Young Author's Conference. And a few years ago my daughter Faith was invited to attend. Yesterday, I found out she was picked again. This time, however, I'd like to think I learned from past mistakes and behaved myself a bit more appropriately....

I never thought I would become one of those parents. But here I am, absolutely GUILTY of living  vicariously through my kid. The picture that comes to mind whenever I usually thought about such a thing, is the overweight, out of shape, former jock Dads who scream and yell at their kids until they are all red-faced and angry on the sidelines, looking like lunatics. And what about the Step-ford type moms who coach their daughters in how to look and act just like them, turning their spawn into evil, mean girl cheerleader clones of themselves. So, how in the world, could someone like me be so guilty of living vicariously through my kid?

As I sit here, typing this I am so excited I can barely contain myself, I am so proud of my kid! Why? It's not at all because my kid is so athletic or beautiful, (which she totally is, despite me being her mother)it's because her teacher chose her and her short story to be sent to the Young Author's Conference! Ha, how's that for irony? I never thought this would creep up and bite me in the ass, but WHOOP there it is! I'm so excited you'd think she just got chosen to win a Pulitzer! Hmmm, maybe that will be in her future one day...And, I'm off. Guilty again. Just this tiny recognition of her creativity sent my thoughts off the charts and into outer space.

I began to imagine all kinds of awesome things for her/my future in writing. I had thoughts of us writing a mother/daughter series, thoughts of us attending writer's conferences all over the country together, thoughts of us commiserating when either of us couldn't nail down a scene just right, etc. To state it plainly, I lost my flippin' mind. I am no better than those I had formerly abhorred! How could this have happened to me?

When she came home and told me, I felt this little bubble of excitement well up inside me and then this scream just flew out of my mouth. I actually frightened her, she was so shocked. The Husband just shook his head and walked away, completely convinced once and for all I've lost what is left of my dang mind. I just couldn't help myself. Writing can be so solitary sometimes and to think I could share my passion with my daughter, I was overcome with emotion! I couldn't wait to read her story... My chest actually grew tight in anticipation. What if it wasn't any good? What would I do or say? OMG! I was dying. Thank the Lord, I loved it!! Like Love, Love, LOVED IT! It was creative and witty and funny and wonderful and I'm amazed and so proud of her I could cry..

How did I not see this coming? And how do I deal with it, now that it's here? How do you keep your cool when everything inside you is screaming for her to be successful. Not only to be successful, but to go way beyond what I have achieved? IDK. I think I need a little more time to think about this and calm my crazy ass down. (I already had visions of myself hiding under the table at her conference and popping my head up to interject my own little helpful suggestions..muah)

In the meantime, the next time I find myself sitting next to the balding fatty screaming at his kid on the football field, I won't judge. I won't hate on him. I will close my eyes and pray that God will give me the strength to not live vicariously through my kid, and just be happy no matter what she chooses to do in this life. I'll pray He will give me the grace to not put undue pressure or stress on my kid to exceed my expectations. And I'll pray, maybe, just maybe, she will want to become a writer too...:)

I thought I'd let you all read her fable and let me know what YOU think about it. Cause I might be a little biased (he he he) Oh, and keep in mind she was only nine years old when she wrote this:

Larry the Ladybug
Hi. My name is Larry. And I'm a ladybug. Yeah, that's right, you heard me! I'm a ladybug and I'm a boy. Other bugs like to get on my case about it, but whatever. I like who I am and I like being a ladybug. My dad always taught me to be proud of who I am, no matter what other people say.

Now, let me tell you a couple of reasons why I'm so proud of being a ladybug. Did you know boy ladybugs have been sent into space? Oh yeah, we have! Did you know that all over the world, ladybugs are thought of as good luck charms? Well, guess what? It's true!
Ladybugs are wish granters.
Wherever I go, little children pick me up and make a wish. Then they throw me back into the wind and I fly. (By the way, flying is awe-some!) I fly wherever I need to go to make their wishes come true. Sometimes, it takes me far, far away from home. But, don't worry about me, the wind is my friend and no matter how far I go, he always carries me back home.

My home, is a fabulous rose garden that smells so sweet. My mom and my sassy little sisters wait there for me to come back from my missions. Being a wish granter is an amazing job and I wouldn't want to trade it for anything. I love my life. So, the next time you see a ladybug, think of me and pick it up. Gently, please! Make a wish and remember, not all ladybugs are girls, some ladybugs are boys and some are even named Larry! 


  1. First - Glad to hear you're on the mend.

    Second - ROTFLMAO - Been there done that as a parent.

    Finally - That story is AWESOME and at 9 years old. You have every reason to be a total nutbar parent about this. I hope she can keep her interest and creativity going, cause that looks like some amazing potential.

    1. Hi! Yes, finally, it seems thanks to a whole lot of Tami-flu and prayer, we are on the road to recovery. (You should expect to be hearing from me very soon on your work too.)

      It's such a hard line I didn't think I would ever cross as a parent, but then, whenever I judge, it always finds a way to wind up biting me in the butt! LOL

  2. Hey there, visiting via the Ninja Captain, Alex J. Cavanaugh's blog

    You don't know just how much I enjoyed your daughter's story....it was too cute. She's got a bright future in writing, I think, and thanks for sharing it.

  3. Hey Mark- Welcome to the Bird's Nest-so nice to meet you!

    Your comment made my day, because although I love my daughter's story too, in this situation, I just couldn't trust my own opinion, LOL

    Thanks so much for the follow!

  4. That's a really cute story, and really well done for her age. That's awesome. We didn't have young author's conferences when I was a kid. I would have jumped all over that. I hope she enjoys it and gets a lot out of it!

    1. Thanks! I didn't know about Young Author's either until she was selected to go. I would have been slobbering all over it myself. I was part of the Creative Writing Club and magazine staff back in the day, but that was about all they had for kids who liked to write. (At least at my low-budget school, LOL)

  5. Mommy- really? You can be SOO embarrassing sometimes. Love you though.

    1. Sorry baby. This isn't the first time I've embarrassed you and it certainly won't be the last. LOL Love you too.

  6. This is seriously adorable. EXTREMELY well done for a nine year old!! When Chance was nine he couldn't have done anything like this. He started writing when he was about twelve, but before that, he HATED it. haha. Kinda funny in retrospect.

    Your daughter definitely has talent. Maybe someday you guys will get to write together!! Since you said she was nine when she wrote this, I'm figuring she's about ten or so now? So, maybe five more years and she should be good to go! :)

    1. Hey Tamara- thanks. She's eleven now. And a much better writer than I ever was at that age! I hope she will continue to love it, and if she doesn't I hope I will be ok with that. LOL

  7. Sweet Ladybug story!!! Very well done!

    I understand about the whole living through kid moment, and the not understanding it in others before that. When my kids were picked for a competitive tap team, I thought it was awesome. I had tapped with them since they were little . . .maybe we could do a mommy/daughters trio? LOL . . .no way. They are actually way better than I ever was, and after three years of competing they decided to just dance. They love performing, and they liked the awards, but they would rather just have fun than compete, and I'm glad.

    1. Thanks so much Tyrean. As I am SO not athletic, I really never thought this would be a problem for me. Yet, here it is, coming back to haunt me! I call it the "boomerang effect". God has an amazing sense of humor, and way of teaching me.

      All kidding aside, I would never force my kids to do something they hate, (because of me) and if Faith ever started to dislike writing, I would be disappointed for sure, but I would let it go. My girls are already so much more intelligent, talented and all-around better off than I am. And for that, I consider myself truly blessed.

  8. Congratulations to Faith! I loved the story. And I loved Faith's comment, too :)

    It's perfectly okay to be proud and excited. That's what moms do!

    1. Hi Kianwi! Thank you for your kind comments.

      Yep, I embarrass Faith. All the time. So you'd think she should be used to it by now, sheesh! LOL

  9. Oh my goodness, that's the cutest thing ever. What a wonderful little story. Congratulations, Faith (P.S it's a mum;'s job to be embarrassing! ^_~)
    I think I'd be like you, trying to live vicariously through my kids. You're so lucky your daughter shares your love for writing.