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Monday, January 7, 2013

Can I Tell You a Little Secret: I'm Kind of A Slacker

In the past week, I've  had the pleasure of hopping around and reading some of your amazing New Year's resolutions and lists of  inspiring goals you set for yourselves  in 2013.

Can I let you in on a little secret about me if you haven't already guessed because of how late this post is? I'm kind of a slacker!

 Not when it comes to my family or friends but when it comes to me. For instance: every single day I make sure I have a healthy, well-rounded breakfast, lunch and dinner planned and set out before my kids. But I can honestly say that I have been up since 5:30 am, and haven't eaten a thing today. I did, however, throw back an entire pot of coffee. (Which doesn't count as a healthy choice, does it?)  And my eating habits aren't the only places I slack.  My mom wardrobe consists of exactly two pairs of jeans and three shirts.  All of which were purchased for under $10.00 at my favorite thrift store. My girls, however, walk out of my house turned out  like a page of a magazine. There are so many other areas in which I slack when it comes to myself, my goals, and my life. I put my kids, The Husband, and my family and friends (and even my cat's) needs, so far  above my own, it leaves very little time for achieving any goals I may have myself. By the end of most days, I'm usually so freaking tired and worn out, I'm lucky if I manage to make it up the steps to fall into my bed. But I'm trying to be better than that. This year, I promised myself, I would make some changes.

Here are some goals this slacker set for 2013:

1. Speak less and listen more.  For those of you who know me personally, you are unfortunately already all too aware of why this is priority number one....
2. I want to loose  weight. Yeah, I know, real original with this one, right? But hear me out. Because I only want to loose weight if I can do it without suddenly becoming an  annoying, super-preachy, skinny bitch who turns into someone everybody avoids and hates, now that they have become lollipops with boobs: Like Jennifer Hudson, Sara Rue, Al Roker and Marie Osmond  Does Marie Osmond count? Because  I think everybody already kind of hated her and her scary dolls before she got skinny.)
3. I want to get my AD, Oh, Shiny! under control. As an adult who suffers from ADD, I want to find a way to focus on one project/thing at a time, and see it to fruition, before starting something else. This, my friends, will probably be one of the hardest things on my list to achieve.
4.  I want to go out more. And travel somewhere I've never been.  It occurred to me the other night, when I showed up at a party my brother was throwing, that it took way too long for him to recover from his shock of me actually (1) showing up,  (2) after dark and (3) without kids. I realized this is something I simply must do more.  I used to go out all the time, and travel a whole lot. 

There are a lot of places I'd like to visit and many I've never been to on  my bucket list, which leaves me wide open. Top of that list would probably be going back home to California to see my best friend, since it's been WAY too long. And as far as where I've never been, I really want to see New Orleans. *crossing my fingers I will be healthy enough to do this*

5. I'd like to shiz or get off the pot with my writing. It's time I pulled it together and stopped being so insecure and just put myself out there. I have to admit, I've already taken at least two huge leaps in this area. 1. I  finally joined the IWSG and made an effort to join some more blog fests that really stretched me.  2. Through the IWSG, and all of the  awesome comments and encouragement I've found there, it  gave me the push I needed to send my work out to CPs. Which still makes me want  to puke, but I think I can consider this a big step in the right direction!
There are so many more resolutions I have....but I'll spare you and stop with the five I've already listed here. Any of you have some more suggestions for me?  Like "Stop using your blog to whine to us about all your crap..ack!" 

Happy  Monday Everyone!! Hope you have a wonderful week. ~Jaybird


  1. I knew I wasn't the only one who looked up to Al Roker.

    I can be a bit of a slacker too, so I'm definitely upping the ante and writing as much as I can this year. And as always, we're here if you ever need any feedback on your writing. Hold the puke.

  2. I don't think you're a slacker.
    Glad you joined the IWSG and that it helped. That's why the group is there!

  3. Hee hee, slacking is one of my top talents! However, I think more important than anything is making more time for yourself. It's great that you put your family and friends first, but you mustn't forget yourself. Get shopping, girl! :D

    And, if you ever need another CP, or someone to whine at, I'm right here! :D

  4. This sounds sooo familiar. I think we share the same wardrobe, lol. I think it's a common mom syndrome to put everyone else first. This is the best resolutions list I've seen. I truly wish you the best with your goals. You can do it! And let me say I'm so insecure I'm afraid to join IWSG. Maybe I'll finally brave it this year. Idk. :)

  5. Good luck with your amazing resolutions! The good news is you have the blogging community rooting for you!!

  6. I'm glad you joined the IWSG! It's an amazing group full of awesome, helpful people. Good luck with the resolutions! I didn't set any specific ones this year. (I guess I'm kind of a slacker, too.) ;)

  7. Is it wrong that I want to wish you luck slacking? I know you want to stop, but I mean, seriously, don't leave me!

  8. your goals were a hoot...the AD, oh so shiny!! hey, when you DO slack off, can i go do it with you??? :D

  9. I hear ya. As a matter of fact I'm slacking right this minute, checking out blogs instead of writing. Good list of goals. Two or three there could for me as well.

    Did you get the recent email with the attached documents? Do you hate me? I still have a little trouble with your email address. It might be you but is most likely me, the Internet down here has been a bit more unusual than normal since the first of the year. Let me know.

  10. Good luck with these goals. I've been making changes since the new year and I hope to stick with them.

  11. I think slacking has it's time and place, and considering you do so much for others, you deserve to take some time for yourself.
    Good luck with the weight loss goal, I'm considering dieting myself, and getting into shape a little more.
    I hope you get to travel more, and go out more. I'm trying to get out myself more, but mostly with the kids. I'd love to visit New Orleans, so I hope that dream comes true for you.
    Good luck with putting your writing out there. I know it's scary at first, but it's also deeply rewarding. And if you ever need another CP, I'd love to look at your work. :D

  12. You have to focus on yourself at least a little, you shouldn't feel guilty. You'll be a better mom because of it. Great goals, all realistic. I haven't even sat down to figure out my goals, that's how much of a slacker I am. Need to find time to do that this weekend!

  13. I think most people, myself included, can be slackers from time to time. :)