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Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Fact or Fiction, Well, sort of.

Hey All!  Friday already? Where did the time go? I am happy that despite everything that kept me busy this week, I was still able to post M,W&F, and pop in to comment on most of your blogs. Which was my goal!  As far as a Friday Fact or Fiction post, this week, I'm making it really easy. I'm going to post nothing but FACTS. I won't be able to post answers tomorrow, so I just cut out the middle. The following "Facts" are all things that happened to me over the course of  this week :)

#1.  On Monday, Faith had to have surgery on her toe. It's swollen and Fred Flinstone sized, so she wouldn't allow me post a "gross" toe picture for all to see. (It doesn't look as bad as she thinks) It hurts, but she's a tough cookie and went back to school  the next day after lots of  very little drama!

#2. This week, I, once again, had to say good-bye to a dear friend, WAY too soon. I love you sweet Carolyn. Your bright smile and laughter will be missed. Always. xo
My beautiful friend, Carolyn. She will be missed! 

#3. Tuesday was 9/11- a tragic day of loss and sorrow, one we will never forget.  I wasn't in NY on that horrific day, but I was close enough to see the smoke. Trust me when I tell you, I do not take anything about it lightly, but it also happens to be my sister Adrienne's b-day. It's hard for her to feel like celebrating, but I make sure we at least do something fun for her.  We met up with her best friend, went out to lunch and did some shopping. Low key, yet still fun. But we will never forget.

#4. Many of you know how much I love coffee.  At (yet another) doctor's appt. this week, I was strongly advised to give it up. ACK!  I'm trying my best, but it's a struggle. I'm so crabby! I'm so tired! I'm getting lots of head aches from lack of caffeine. One of the kids that works at my local Starbucks, actually called me to see if I was OK!!  Yes, my coffee addiction is that bad... But as tired and busted as I am, my little Frankie has me beat- How's this for tired?  Back to school is so fun.
One day, she may kill me for posting this. Hope it makes you smile today!

#5.  On Wednesday, I had a small birthday party at my house, for my sister. My brother, who travels  for work, was home, and was able to  put in a rare appearance.  For my girls, it's like a celebrity sighting. (It doesn't hurt that he always brings back something interesting, from wherever he travels, just for them)  I plan on featuring him here on my blog, very soon. He is a ridiculously talented Sci Fi writer and I'd like him to start to promote his book. But he is just so busy, he hasn't had the time to do it. And because I'm crazy, I offered to do it for him! LOL 

YAY! My brother Chris was in town, and we got to see him Wed.  
#6. Last but certainly NOT least: I won a give-away from Miss  Kianwi, at Simply She Goes, (her puppy picked me, go check it out on her blog, it's awesome) Knowing that I won something, had the girls all sorts of excited, and watching the mail like hawks. When the box came yesterday, I think it was the first time the girls were able to conceptualize the people on my blog are REAL!  Oh, and not only did I get my prize, but  Kianwi sent presents for each one of  my girls too! They were ecstatic!! THANKS KIANWI!! You made the girls so happy.

My girls, all excited, holding up their unexpected surprise, and my prize.
OK, I think that's enough info for you to get a pretty decent idea about how my week has gone. Anything fun and exciting happen to you this week? Did you receive any unexpected presents? Do any of you have a relative/family member you miss, and don't  get to see regularly? I'd love to hear about it. Have a great weekend everyone! ~ Jaybird


  1. Wow a REALLY busy week!

    So sorry to hear about your friend.:(

    I LOL'd about the coffee shop asking if you're okay! Nice to know you were missed!

    Your brother is cute! ;)

    1. It was a crazy week! So sad to lose another friend. I'm really going out of my mind with all of these unexpected losses. I'm only 40 for crying out loud! My friends are still young. I didn't think I would have to watch all of my friends die until I was older. But such is life. I can't ask WHY, because it's just senseless. But thank you for the condolences.

      OMG I miss coffee! I'm thinking about starting my own support group/meetings. Hi my name is Jaybird, and I love coffee! But then what would I'd serve to drink? Hmm...maybe alcohol. Ha ha!

      And I know you are taken, but FYI, my brother is single! Pass it on :)

  2. Sorry about your friend.
    And yes, your daughter is going to hunt you down one day for posting that photo.

    1. Thank you Alex.

      I know I run the risk of her getting angry with me, but how funny is that picture? I can't help but laugh everytime I see it. Here's hoping she'll forgive me!

  3. haha that toilet picture is so hilarious! And the last picture you wrote that she is holding your pot...at first I thought you meant the other kind of pot and wondered why you asked your child to hold it for you! haha good times.

    1. Oh my gosh no way- maybe I should have clarified that "pot" comment a little better! Glad I could give you a laugh!

  4. Did she really fall asleep on the toilet??? That picture is priceless. What an eventful week!

    1. Yep! She was out like a light. Still clutching her little night night Piggy too! Faith asked me if she could snap a picture- and since Piggy was covering everything, we just couldn't resist! Poor kid was exhausted.

  5. Get well soon, Faith. I hope your toe heals quickly.

    I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. *hugs*

    I think it's nice you still celebrated your sister's birthday, but in a low-key fashion.
    I can't imagine what it must have been like being in NYC on 9/11.

    Oh man! Is it the caffeine or the taste you crave? Maybe you could switch to decafe?
    I'm greatly amused to hear the kid from Starbucks called you up.

    Oh my god, I can't believe Frankie fell asleep on the loo, she must have been real tired! Bless her.

    Your brother is cute, good luck promoting his work, I'll be interested to hear all about it.

    That's so sweet of Kianwi, I hope you and your girls enjoy your gifts. :D

    1. Thanks Clare! Faith is tough. She was a bit concerned about school though, b/c she was afraid someone might step on her toe by mistake. I've been driving them to school in lieu of them taking the bus. Which is hard on me, but has helped ease her mind. She will rest up this weekend and should be good to go by Monday.

      I'm struggling so hard with this no coffee thing. I do like tea, and have been trying to drink decaf instead. But it's still hard. Most of the kids at the Starbucks would have my drink ready and waiting when they saw me pull into the parking lot! They all know me so well. Ha!

      Can you believe my poor kid? She was so tired. I think she needs to go to bed a little earlier- she just can't seem to adjust to getting up at 6:30 a.m.

      He is cute, right? And he's single! He isn't home long enough to go out much with anyone! Plus, he's a bit shy. Unlike his sister. LOL

      Kianwi made their day! The girls were out of their minds excited. It was such a nice surprise!

  6. Poor Faith. Hope she heals up fast. Both my brother and I had surgery on our big toes when we were young because of ingrown toenails. Weirdest thing, but they're painful!

    My sympathies on the loss of your friend.

    Sleeping on the toilet! Priceless.

    What a busy week you had! We had preschool and a picnic today. It was a bit wet, but we had fun.

    1. Hi Miss Christine- this is Faith. Thank you for your well wishes. That is the same kind of surgery I had. It is so painful! The doctor did both sides of my big toe. I hate how it looks. Here's hoping it heals very soon.

    2. Hey Faith- no more hijacking my comments kid! J/K. You were very brave Faith. And I don't think you milked the whole "I'm recovering" thing at all...

      Christine- Thanks for the comment- Faith is a trooper. She did really well throughout the entire procedure. It still hurts like heck though, I'm sure.

      How fun, I love picnics! Sorry it turned into a wet one. I'm sure the kids didn't mind in the least. As long as you were there, I bet your son was happy.

      Have a great weekend!

  7. So sorry about the passing of your friend. Sounds like it's been a week of ups and downs. And the toilet picture...um, I'm pretty sure you predicted it right. Someday she's going to be really annoyed!

    1. Such is life. Ups and downs. - And I do hope Frankie has a sense of humor, about her toilet picture. Just too funny not to share. :)

  8. Wow, so much to comment on! I'm so sorry you lost a sweet friend. She looked like such a happy person.

    Happy birthday to your sister, and wow, is your brother cute! No surprise, though, you and your sister are pretty gals.

    Good job, Faith, on being tough, and that toilet picture is priceless! It will make a great addition to a graduation photo montage :)

    And, finally, I was thrilled to see the girls with their smiling faces, holding the gifts! I am so happy and relieved they like them, they could have been a big dud! I'm also very happy knowing my sad, unwanted little pot now has a good home :)

    1. Thanks again Kianwi- that was such a sweet surprise. That unexpected kindness really helped ease some of the pain from our week.

      Frankie has a pretty good sense of humor, so I hope she keeps it when she sees I posted this picture.

      BTW, not only is my brother one of the brightest, most amazing people you'd ever want to meet, he's single.. LOL

  9. I'm so glad my mother never took any pictures of me like that. The Internet is going to be a terrible age for our children and our children's children. But not just for the kids. "Hey look, I found this old Facebook pic of mom taking tequila shots out of her best friend's double Ds!"

    1. Dang it, you found that picture? I thought I had taken them all down! :)