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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Stalking Hugh Jackman Friday Fact or Fiction Answers

If you didn't read my "Stalking Hugh Jackman, Friday Fact or Fiction" post, you might want to take a look-see at it before reading my answers posted here. I thought you also might want to take a listen to this song, while you read my answers. :)

#1. SORT of FICTION....  OK, so I didn't go to the priest to confess, but I do feel extremely convicted about the lusting..The Husband is generally good-natured about his wife ogling another man, but I have to admit, if the tides were turned, I might have to kick his ass! LOL This is no fair, I  realize that. But The Husband is the most secure person I have ever met. And me, well, probably the most insecure. (I told you we are complete opposites! ) 
Even my kitty is a HJ fan. Her mutant name is Cat-astrophic. Whatever you do, DON'T look  her in the eye,
her mutant power is to blind you with her cuteness and bend your will to hers...

#2. FICTION! There is no restraining order against me and my friends, yet.. (Sorry Ilima, LOL)
#3. FACT. Yep, I'm a weenie!! I talk a good game but holy crow, I was so star struck I got stupid. And acted like a complete moron.  I didn't even remember to snap a dang picture!!! This was the one and only time in my life, when I was truly speechless. Hasn't happened since. I've lived in CA and near NY my whole life. I have encountered plenty of celebrities. This has NEVER happened to me before. I usually play it so cool!(ha ha ha)  

Every once in a while, a friend of mine will call and report they saw HJ out and about in NYC. Apparently, he is very friendly and open to autographs/pictures. If you are a fan, there is a wonderful article about him in Men's Fitness you should read. It's labeled: "HUGH JACKMAN: Hollywood's Baddest Good Guy"  Go check it out.

** I'm just going to go ahead and claim Wolverine the victor in my Darth Vader v. Wolverine match up. My reason why is because I say so..LOL

As always, thanks so much for your continued participation. My followers rock. So, BIG  Thank You!! ~Jaybird


  1. I know that star struck feeling! I would also say Wolverine would beat Dark Vader. No contest!

    1. It was the worst! Felt like such a dumb-ass. Here's hoping next time I meet him, I will totally redeem myself. LOL

  2. I've never met a celebrity, but I'm sure I'd be star struck, too! :)

    1. I've seen celebrities on both coasts. In NY, it's funny, everyone just walks by them, like no big whoop. It takes a lot to get a reaction from a New Yorker. In LA, I believe stalking is more socially acceptable. People will stop stars and approach them more often, but either way, NO ONE ever made me stupid, other than HJ, LOL

  3. Have you been obsessing over the Les Miserables trailer like I have? Even my husband gets the chills watching it. Hugh Jackman as jean Valjean is going to be epic! I can't wait.

    1. You know it girlfriend! I'm a HUGE Les Mis/Victor Hugo fan to begin with, and add a little singing HJ in there, OMG, I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT!

      And thanks again, for always participating :)