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Friday, July 6, 2012

Highlights of Father's Day

Here are a couple of highlights from Father's Day:

Took The Husband and Pop to their favorite diner. Highlight - watching my Dad laugh so hard he cried. What made him loose it:
Witnessing the "stupidity" of a teenage girl, pushing an older gentleman in a wheelchair. She was TEXTING while pushing, and not paying the slightest bit of attention to where she was going. She pushed what was most likely her poor Grandfather, straight into the counter!!  (The Husband thinks there should be a  new kind of ticket invented for such an offense)

Taking my kids out to eat is always fun. With my daughter Frankie, there is never a dull moment... Highlight: When the waiter came to our table, to ask if we needed anything else, watching in awe horror, as Frankie pulled her hoodie up, then put her hand in front of his face slowly waving it, saying in her best JEDI MIND TRICK voice: "You will bring me more fries!"

My mom, bought my brother a scented candle, because it had celebrity chef Giada's picture on it. My brother LURVES her. (Although, his feelings about G don't come close to how he feels about Kate Beckinsale) Highlight- It was embarrassing enough for my bro that she purchased him a scented candle, but then mom shouted across a crowded parking lot,

"Do you want me to stuff Giada in your trunk?" Needless to say, that turned a few heads.

The Husband and I brought the girls to go see The Avengers. The highlight -watching two extremely  pissed off twenty-somethings, actually LEAVE the movie theatre, and demand their money back, because- wait for it- "People were eating their candy too loud!"  WOW.

I have to ask, how does someone in their twenties, actually become that up-tight? Because, holy crap, what will those two be like when they actually hit old age? Dang!!

Hope you all had a fabulous Father's Day! So, far, (although it's only been a week)  this summer has been chock full o' fun!!


  1. That is seriously uptight! They should have a warning label on them for poor guys who might ask them out.
    Sounds like you had a fun Father's Day!

  2. Yes, thank you it was fun. I always have a good time when I hang out with my family :)

    It did put a little damper on things, when that couple was so mean to the little girl and her Dad, who were just trying to watch Avengers and eat some Goobers. Seriously, I wonder what is wrong with people sometimes. They were so angry and mean! No reason for that.

  3. People who complain about eating candy too loud - isn't there a super hero for that. Like the guy who yells'give me a break' it's only candy and a movie - move your seat for cryan out loud.

    1. Faraway- glad you are feeling better-it's good to see yoiu back. And OMG-Life is too short to be that uptight! Cripes, I'd hate to be them.