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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Game of Thrones Finale, and True Blood Season Premier

What did you all think of The Game of Thrones season finale? Because, holy crap, I LOVED IT! Like, love, love, loved it. I've watched it three times already. 

Here are the top three reasons I loved it so much:
1. The cameo and brief reappearance of Khal Drogo and his son made me cry. Like full on booger cry. Still wish he wasn't dead....but that scene beautifully captured just how much STRONGER  Khaleesi has become. Her facial expression while her dragons torched that sorcerer, said it all!

2. Peter Dinklage IS Tyrion Lannister. He is one of the best casts for a role I have ever seen! Personally, I feel he deserves another Emmy for his epic "Half-Man" speech on the battlements from last week's episode.  His portrayal of Tyrian Lannister is absolutely spot on. Can't help but cheer for him!

3. The White Walkers! BLOODY HELL I got such chills when it looked at Sam, and then screamed.... I almost crapped my pants! What an ending. 

I  can't wait for next season, what about you? Anyone else learning Dothraki? Athchomar chomakea George R.R. Martin. I am a die hard fan and you are made up of all kinds of  awesome for writing these books.

And now, who's looking forward to this Sunday's season premier of True Blood? I have to  admit, (unlike Game of Thrones where they are doing a phenomenal job of keeping to Martin's story lines) HBO and  Allen Ball  have strayed so far from Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire Series, I have no idea where they are going to to go from here...

Somehow, when I'm watching a shirtless Alcide, I don't really seem to care.


  1. I forgot what I was going to say looking at shirtless Alcide. *drools*

    1. LOL Christine! My sentiments exactly. :)

  2. I love Peter Dinklage and his character, especially the way he uses his wits to get him through his problems. The only thing I DIDN'T like about the finale was so many cliffhangers... what the hell is going to happen to everyone??

  3. This is Game of Thrones- so, pretty much EVERYBODY will die a horrible death. I learned not to get too attached to any of the characters. The Husband didn't read the books, so he feels the same way you do. He keeps asking me what's going to happen next...but I won't tell. I like the idea of keeping him hanging. LOL

  4. Ahh! Beautiful men. :) I don't watch either of these shows. I wish I had the time!

    1. I tee-vo them and watch them while I fold clothes! My mom "guilty pleasure"!

  5. I know a lot of book fans didn't like the changes in the GoT season finale. Personally I loved them, especially the parts with Dany. Oh, her being reunited with Drogo broke my heart. I love how she saw through the magic though. And the way she dealt with the Warlock, awesome!! I love those little dragons, so cute. I was sad about Doreah's betrayal though, I really liked her and Dany's friendship.

    Holy S**T the Others!! I wasn't expecting to see them like that, I thought it would be Wights and them cloaked in shadows. It was epic.

    You know what wasn't cool though ... Jaqen's new face. I miss him already. :(

    Okee ... I'm taking over your blog now, so I will stop.

    But before I go I must say, hello Alcide ... come to Momma!

    Loving the new series of True Blood, awesome as always.

    1. Clare, whenever I read your comments, I can't help but love you more and more!

      I hear you about the Others-I WAS NOT expecting that, and I almost crapped a brick. And Jaqen's face-I'm gonna miss him too..

      And, BTW- you are invited to come over and play on my blog anytime you want! LOL