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Saturday, May 19, 2012

All The Single Ladies, Fact or Fiction Answers!

If you didn't read yesterday's All the Single Ladies, Fact or Fiction post, you might want to before reading the answers here!

#1. FACT. This is True! My girlfriend still doesn't believe me that this was a coincidence. Especially since Nick Cage played along so well, and the club treated us like they knew we were coming!

Here is a picture of my BFF Rochelle, my sister A, & me, out and about in CA.

My sister Adrienne & Me
#2. FICTION.  Although,  I did know a girl who lived at the Bunny House, which sits directly across the street from the Playboy Mansion. We were warned that security at Hef's place is ridiculous and they will arrest and prosecute all trespassers, immediately.

#3. FACT. OMG how badly do I want to deny this?  But I can't. First, I feel bad my inebriated friends took over a club and corrupted my normally shy and quiet sister. But I wanted to kill one of  those inebriated "friends" of mine for giving that male stripper who ate my pizza, my phone number. (Never, ever, mess with a hungry Sicilian's pizza!!) He called me everyday for a month to try and convince me to go out with him!  Guess he wasn't used to being turned down, or hollared at.  Out of everything that happened that night, I'm most embarrassed (and not proud) about running away screaming from a little person.

It all stems from watching Tod Browning's horror movie Freaks when I was a little kid.  That stupid movie came out in the 30's, was banned, then made a comeback in the late 70's. It remains to this day, the scariest movie I have ever seen.
That movie gave me nightmares for years! I'm happy to say, now that I'm a grown up (although, I'm still pretty immature) I no longer suffer from a fear of little people; unless they come crawling after me, through the mud, in the pouring rain, with a knife in their mouth...

As always, thanks so much for participating in my Friday Fact or Fiction, a/k/a my crazy life~Jaybird


  1. Oh my goodness, those stories were hilarious! I couldn't guess which was fake, as you told them all expertly! Thanks for sharing!! :D

  2. These stories had me laughing when I read them! Like Clare, I thank you for sharing your stories.


    1. Hi Gina- Glad I could give you a laugh. Thanks so much for popping in and commenting!

  3. Never heard of that movie. But that Nicolas Cage story is a classic. What a wonderful adventure that must've been.

    1. OH my gosh, do yourself a favor, DON'T ever watch it!! Still "freaks" me out.

      Every time I see Nick Cage on tv, or in a movie, I smile/laugh to myself. He really is such a nice, down to earth guy.