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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Taste of Southern Ocean County, A Night to Remember

Although I feel a bit like crap on a stick, I left the nest last night to attend this amazing event with my sister: 

This is a cause that we both support and look forward to year after year. All of the proceeds go to "Ending Childhood Hunger, One Plate At A Time"  This year's theme was Boardwalk Dynasty, A Culinary Tribute to 1920's Atlantic City, and it was FABULOUS!! There were flappers and feathers and music and food. In other words, my kind of FUN.
This is the menu. And, yes, I finished every single bite :)
It is truly a spectacular evening, as all of the most amazing, talented chefs from the surrounding area come out and display their culinary talents . I can't begin to describe how each course tops the last.

This was the Sacchette Alfredo. I could have eaten just this, all night long. YUM
Pictured below is the beautiful and extremely talented Event Planner for Caesar's in Atlantic City: Caitlin Lesniak We LURRVE her.
 (She also happens to be the daughter of one ridiculously talented chef, Gary Lesniak.)
Ronnie Lesniak, Gary Lesniak & Miss Caitlin. What a brilliant trio!!

On the left is my sister Adrienne and on the right is our friend Val.  
Val is not only a Librarian Extraordinaire, but she can HANG. So we totally lurve her too!

Val, MC for the evening FISHBEIN, Cheryl Smith, my good friend and wife of:
Chef Ian Smith. A/K/A Smitty. The man who started this benefit, after watching a young mother hang her five year old over a dumpster to dive for food, some 20  years ago. It was one moment in time, but it changed his life forever. And he started this benefit as his way of using his talents to do something about ending childhood hunger, in Southern Ocean County. TRULY AMAZING!! One person CAN make a difference.
 Chef Ian Smith


  1. Wow. A fun event for such a good cause. The food looks AMAZING--yum! Glad you had a good time.

  2. Ilima-Did you notice I'm MIA from all of these pictures? I'm still not feeling, or looking up to my best, but I forced my butt out the door to go to this, because it's that important to me.

    Also, my lack of photo id might have something to do with the fact that my daughter told me my butt "looked like a Kardashians" in the skirt I was wearing. LOL

  3. Oh, it looks like a fabulous event! I'm glad you had such a delicious night, and it's a bonus it is for a good cause!

    1. Thanks Hart! It was definitely my big "highlight" of these past few weeks of difficulty. And I am still full from last night! LOL

  4. Yes, I did notice, and I'm sure you are worrying over nothing. My butt is my biggest asset (haha) and the only reason I posted that pic of me and my daughter was because most of me was hiding behind her. How old is this daughter of yours? I'm starting to think she and my own daughter might be the same person. :)

    1. Hahaha. Pre-adolescent girls really keep it real, don't they? You looked beautiful in that pic, BTW, seriously. I don't know what your skin care routine is, but I wish you could bottle it and sell it to ME.