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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lies of Omission

Before I start, let me preface this with an apology.  Writing has always been the best way for me to work through the things that are tearing me up inside. I consider it free therapy. So, sorry if this is too heavy for you. Stop reading now if you are not in the mood to hear my ANGRY BIRD rant. But those of you who don't fly off, please try and leave me a comment, so I can count this as free group therapy :) LOL.

Boy, am I an Angry Bird. Really, truly angry. Beyond a little miffed, inconvenienced and ticked. I'm FURIOUS. All because of  a: LIE of OMISSION.
Someone (who I care about so I won't name names or get into  specific details) had many excuses for the giant LIE they dumped on me. They tried to justify it by telling me that they didn't lie, they just didn't tell me the whole truth. The only reason I know the truth now, is not because they decided to come clean, but because the big fat lie they've been hiding BLEW UP in their face.
I heard the lame excuses:
#1: I wanted to protect you.
#2: I didn't want you to worry.
#3: You would just freak out.

None of these reasons hold any validity in my eyes. Cause, guess what? 
#1: He/she did NOT protect me from shit!
#2: I'm more worried than I ever would've been before, because now I don't trust you, at all, and I'm wondering what the hell else he/she  has been keeping from me!
#3: Not only am I  FREAKING OUT, but I kinda want to spit on you now too.

Bottom line, to me, a lie is a lie! End of story. When the truth came out (and the truth  ALWAYS comes out) things wound up going from zero to sixty, faster than a Ferrari! Unfortunately, I was so shocked and bereft when it did, I wound up standing against this particular person, instead of  having their back...

I'm trying not to be angry. Cause I'm like The Hulk and  you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.  Anger is an emotion I'd like to be able to turn off with a switch. But once provoked, this ANGRY BIRD has never been good at suppressing her ire. 
And NO good could possibly come from harboring it. So what do I do?

How do you feel about LIES OF OMISSION? Do you even consider them a lie?  Have you ever had half-truths, a white lie, full on bullshit or a LIE OF OMISSION told to you?


  1. I'm sorry. Yes, a lie of omission is still a lie. :(

  2. Thanks so much for commenting Jaycee! Good to know I'm not the only one who thinks Lies of Omission actually count.

  3. I am with you. A partial truth is the same as an outright lie. Tell the truth or don't speak.

  4. Hey Brett- I am still trying not to harbor any bitterness in my heart. Forgiveness is not always easy, but it's a goal I am determined to achieve here. Thanks for commenting!!