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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Creepy Crawly Fact or Fiction Answers

The answer to this week's Creepy Crawly Fact or Fiction are as follows: #3 is FACT.  After we finally stopped screaming, we pushed the car to the side of the road. About the officials getting involved, I wouldn't exactly call them "Officials". More like five Mexican-American guys, who stopped and debated whether or not they should  help four stupid gringas get a giant tarantula out of our vehicle.

"What's wrong ladies, engine trouble?"
"Nope. There's a giant spider in the back of the car!"
"A spider? That's all. Shit, we can take care of that for you. Let me see this little-
 HOOLY shit! Yo holmes, they got a Red Assed Mexican Tarantula up in there!@! 
"No way!"
"Come see esse!"
"ay cabron"
"Loco something...something..caliente..gringas  (my Spanish is basic and they are speaking so freaking fast  I can't catch anything they are saying)
"Get me a stick or something!"
"You're crazy!"
"I'm outta here!"
"Que huevons!" 
"Whatever. No one is that hot holmes!"  (I have to agree with him.)

As for #1 and #2, They are also FACT. But didn't happen to me, so I can't count them.
#1 Happened to my mom. She's a RN and sought treatment right away. Thank God she did because brown recluse bites are no joke. My mom had to go out on disability for weeks before she recovered. I was young and this screwed me up bad. I became petrified of all spiders after that.

#2 Really  happened to a close friend's daughter. The ER doctor seriously told her that this was not as uncommon an occurrence as you would think! Are you kidding me? When they told me, it fueled my arachnophobia to epic proportions. The thought of a spider depositing it's eggs in my ears or mouth while sleeping, pretty much ruined my ability to get a full night's sleep forever.

Do you blame me for turning arachnophobic or paying my ten year old daughter a dollar to come and get a spider Or sleeping with ear plugs Or never putting on a pair of shoes without shaking them out first? LOL

I hope you are all enjoying the crazy- a/k/a my life. Thank you for your participation! All of your comments are truly appreciated. ~Jaybird


  1. Nope don't blame you at all. I don't like them but hello if any of that happened I'd be so traumatized I'd be catatonic lol.

    1. This morning I walked into a spider web on my front porch and was freaking out so bad I'm surprised my neighbors didn't call an ambulance. I think the spiders are pissed at me for these posts. LOL

  2. I already check my shoes, now I have to check my car too? Nowhere is safe. I'm gonna invest in a big bubble and never leave that, thanks. :(

    1. Sorry- didn't meant to freak you out. These incidents kinda ruined me. I can't fall asleep unless I have ear plugs in!! The Husband gets so mad at me but there is no way some spider is going to get into my ears while I'm sleeping! Plus, I haven't been back to Mexico since I had the stowaway in my beach bag. I jumped out of that car, BTW, while it was still MOVING, just to get away from that beast. Ugh. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Okay, I've already tried to go back to Friday's post two times, but each time I start reading, I get all squicked out and nervous, and feel a little sick. Spiders really, really, really FREAK me out so bad that reading about them is almost impossible. :shudders:

    I read enough to know what was fake and not. Will check in on next Friday's F-O-F, hopefully when there's no spiders involved.

    1. Sorry Jaycee- I know it's so gross. I could barely look at the pics I posted I was freaking out so bad. Then I get all itchy and grossed out and start scratching and ugh! Next week won't be about spiders..I think I'm done with this subject for good! Thanks again for commenting.