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Monday, February 6, 2012

New York Giants Win the Superbowl

At Giants Game: The Husband is MIA b/c he does not like
to be photographed.
The New York Giants are my team. Routing for the G-men is the one thing The Husband and I actually agree on!  What a game. Thought I would burst a blood vessel screaming. It is known, that I may, occasionally, cause a little unnecessary roughness in the stands. Mainly because my mouth is always going. (Are you surprised?) It's all in good fun.  Plus, I know The Husband always has my back and that badge of his to keep me out of jail. This year though, The Husband took his fanaticism to a whole new level. He went absolutely bat crap crazy this year.  He somehow got it into his mind that wearing his G-men pajamas every single game brought the team good luck.

 As soon as he came home from work, the uniform came off,  he took a shower  and his NY Giant pajama pants and t-shirt came on.  He wore the same pjs since our first W, way back when we beat the Jets (Like Week 16) . Yep, those jammies were ripe! Beyond belief. They could  crawl. Twice I tried to swipe them and throw them into the washing machine. The Husband was on to me though. I may have mentioned before, that man misses NOTHING. He hid those nasty pants so I couldn't find them. To be perfectly honest, after we played the 49ers I just stopped trying! At that point, I drank the Kool-Aid and didn't want anything to jinx that amazing winning streak either.

Props to Eli Manning. He truly proved Eli=Elite.  And Thank God New Jersey can be proud of someone again.  Victor Cruz!!! What a season.  Now that we won the Superbowl, the time has come to retire The Husband's  nasty furmundo jammies once and for all.

Me at another Giants game back
in October. Yeah. I got LOUD that day.!

Oh, and what did you all think of Madonna? Hag or Rad? Leave me your thoughts.....
The Husband was complaining that Madonna was going to perform and he was not thrilled. My little one said, "Who's  Madonna?" and we both felt really, really old having to answer that question. LOL

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