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Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Scary Movies, Ghost Adventures and Paranormal Activity.

With Halloween fast approaching, a resurgence of scary movies and TV shows always rise. Some movies, I love to revisit. Today, I watched the original version of The Fly. I remember being so frightened of it when I was a little kid. Help me, help me..it seems so  ridiculous, now. Yet, there are other old school movies that still scare the crap out of me  (i.e., the 1930's banned movie called FREAKS)  And even though my parents absolutely forbid me to, I watched some scary movies on the sly, thinking I could take it. Wrong!! Some of them still haunt my dreams. (One of us, one of us, we accept her!! Yep, those Freaks still scare the crap out of me... ) Today's scary movies/TV shows, however, are a whole new ball game.
There are so many new paranormal movies/TV shows popping up. Take, for instance, Ghost Adventures. Ugh. No one makes me want to bitch slap them faster than ZAC on Ghost Adventures!!  I'm so not a hater. Usually. But everything about that kid and  that show, annoys the heck out of me. He tries to act all cowboy tough, swaggering into supposedly "haunted" buildings, and talking trash to spirits. He is ridiculous! One day, all of his begging with the other side, to make contact, might just back fire. Suffice it to say, even my daughter, who's seven, knows better. After watching approximately two minutes of that show, she actually said, "Mommy, that boy Zac is so dumb. He keeps inviting demons to mess with him!! What's the matter with him?"  Whether you believe in them or not, I strongly suggest NEVER inviting a demon to tango. Ever. Even though Ghost Adventures is a completely faked reality show, what he is potentially opening himself up to, is no joke. And that's truly frightening.
These new paranormal activity movies and the true ghost/hauntings stories, really get  me. Michael Myers, Freddy, Jason, none of those clowns ever did it for me. Being a Paranormal Romance Writer, with an extremely overactive imagination, you can only imagine how my mind  can run with stuff like that. I can psych myself out in a heartbeat. On Friday, I went on a "Night Hike" through the woods, with  my daughter's Brownie troop. There I was, marching along, eating  smores and singing a bunch of  Girl Scout songs, meanwhile, in my crazy head, all I could think about, was how those woods and that scenario, could be the start to a dozen scary movies!!!  Everyone laughed at me when I emphatically refused to be either the first one or last  one in  line.... But I'm not beat.
What was the first movie to ever scare you? I guess it all depends on what frightens you the most. Is it Zombies? Then maybe, Night of the Living Dead was what did it. Are you afraid of  Vampires? (Maybe I wasn't the only one who cried the first time they saw Salem's Lot...)  Leave me your all time scariest movie, I'd love to hear it.

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