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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

E-books Are Spineless...

When I found out Borders was closing their doors for good, I was very upset. Let's just say there was extensive whining involved, as well as ranting Facebook posts, and a last visit to Borders where I started to cry/sob a little and my sister kind of had to push/drag me out the door. But I pulled it together and tried to console myself by focusing on the positive: at least I still had Atlantic Books around the corner. UP UNTIL YESTERDAY!

Yesterday I found out that all of the Atlantic Book Stores in my area were also closing!! Son of a...For an avid reader, this is insanity. All of my local book stores GONE. Out of business. Though it's no fault of mine, since all of my paychecks usually went right from my hands to theirs. Nope, I blame it all on E-books, Amazon and freaking Kindles.

Please allow me to explain why I hate E-books. Let me start by stating the obvious, they are spineless! What kind of legacy is an author leaving behind on a computer screen? Quite frankly, I love the feel of a book in my hands. I love to FLIP THE PAGES. And, yes, sometimes, I like to read backwards and forwards and refer to different chapters. I do not like the feel of an E-book. I do not like the smell of an E-book. (If I sound a bit like Dr. Seuss's SAM I AM, GOOD!! That's how I learned to read. My mother and I, sitting on a sofa, sharing the holding and page turning duties on an actual BOOK!) I feel the E-books new found popularity is to blame for my book stores closing. My fear is one day, real, live, tangible books are no longer going to be available. What's next?

Will libraries start closing their doors as well? Am I the only one out there who abhors the idea of buying a Kindle? Am I alone in my thinking, that if this is the future of books, I want no part of it?

Can anyone, anyone at all, explain to me, what's so appealing about an buying an E-book? (Other than, you don't have to actually get up off your bum to go to a bookstore and buy one, or go to the library to check one out?)Please, send your comments. Do your best to try to persuade me. In the meantime, I will mourn the loss of yet another one of my favorite places to hang out, drink coffee, pick out books with my kids, attend author signings...sigh, etc., etc.

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