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Thursday, July 21, 2011

some old /new poetry

Found these today, in one of my old files of poems.

The golden circle

there is no beginning and no end
it wraps itself around and around
a golden circle shining in the sun
slipping itself around my heart
like a noose
it tightens
I choke, I gasp, I pray
leave me be
let me live
keep out
it keeps clawing away at my soul
stealing one little piece at a time
chip, chip, chip
stop it, stop it, stop it
but there is no beginning and no end
I'm suffocating, I choke, I sputter
I'm gone
I float up into the sky,
my essence mingles with the air
and I am flying, flying, flying
It claws, it clutches, it catches me
I am coming back down, down, down
the golden circle shines in the sun
it blinds me
now it holds on tighter
there is no beginning and no end
and there is no me


empty, loss
pain in my chest
no breath
death of us
alone and cold
no love
no life
no you


I miss the sound of your voice,
I miss you telling me how I was closer to you, than anyone else in this world.
And I knew it was the truth.
I miss knowing what you were going to say, before you said it.
I miss your intelligence and your unique way of seeing things, like no one else.
I miss being best friends, and how we understood each other, so completely.
I miss being able to talk to you about nothing, for hours.
I miss being able to tell you all of my secrets, knowing you would die before repeating them to anyone.
There was a time when I lived to hear the sound of your voice.
How is it that you lied, but one of the things I love most about you, is your honesty?
Every once in a while, I dream everything between us is uncomplicated and right.
Then I wake up and I am sad. But oh so happy, for you. Truly.
I just wish I knew you were happy too.

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