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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Best Day Ever.

Taking my daughter to the McQueen Exhibit and enjoying the Metropolitan Museum of Art with her was an EPIC, UNFORGETTABLE DAY, for sure. And it all started with a huge surprise. The Husband actually sprung for a LIMO to take us into the city! What?

Yep. A limo. I would post some pics here, but everyone knows what happens in the limo, stays in the limo.... (too funny to not include at least one shot of my girls gone wild...)

We arrived in style, but, my daughter's happiness quickly turned to dismay. The woman at the information desk informed her there was an extremely long wait to see the Savage Beauty Exhibit. (Close to two hours) Now, we had only a very limited amount of time before the limo turned back into a pumpkin and our fine clothes back into rags! What to do, what to do?

There was so much she wanted to see at the MET, but what called her here was the sweet siren song of McQueen's designs. While she was lamenting her decision, we walked towards the never ending line and tried to think positive. Face crest fallen, and eyes full of unshod tears, she decided to forgo Savage Beauty in order to maximize our time, and still be able to view other exhibits. She was not a happy girl. But then, out of nowhere, a little miracle happened.

This wonderful, amazing, insightful museum attendant looked into my daughter's eyes and saw her inner torment. She stepped in front of The Husband, blocking his egress! (Which is a very ballsy and brave move, since, The Husband is built like a Mountain and moves with the all of the grace and ease of a Rhino) She practically shouted at him, with her bold, loud and heavily accented voice.

"Vhat's vrong? May I help you?"

Her stature and frame were small, but that voice and her nerve HUGE! It was love at first sight, for me. Right then and there I decided to make her into a character for one of my books! How she managed to stop The Husband short without being trampled in the process, and then speak around his general largeness and elicit a response from my little girl, was truly awe-inspiring!! In any event, a teary-eyed Faith retold her tale of woe. How she longed to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit for her b-day, our lack of time to stand on line and see anything else, the decision she lamented and ultimately had to make for the good of the family, etc. She remained quiet until Faith finished, then, our little matron started barking at us, again.

"You stand there, I vill help you."

When she started shouting rapid fire questions in our faces, I imagined she must miss her former life as a KGB Agent. However my wild mind imagined her past, this amazing little woman handed us a golden ticket to our future. A Savage Beauty VIP pass for five, to go to the front of the line!!! The last thing she said/yelled into my little girl's astonished face was:

"Now You Vill Have Happy Birthday!"

It sounded more like a threat, than a wish of good will. And after a command like that, my daughter wouldn't dream of not enjoying her special day. While we breezed past no less than 300 hot, pissed off, impatient New Yorkers, waiting on that line, I hoped our little Natasha keep a weapon hidden somewhere under the curator's guise she now wore.

In any event, the exhibit was absolutely FAN-FREAKING-TAB-U-LOUS!! There were no photographs allowed inside, otherwise I would share them here with you all. My daughter was overjoyed! We felt like VIP's all day long. I will not soon forget our benefactor, as I will be featuring her as the star of her own short story on my blog sooner than later. All in all, it was the BEST DAY EVER according to my little girl, and that makes me the happiest mom in the world. :)

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