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Friday, June 17, 2011

Tea Party For My Girls

On Wednesday I had a Chinese Tea Party for my girls and a few of their friends. It was my way of rewarding them for working so hard in school. The tea party was deemed a huge success by all the little girls/moms who attended. As The Husband said, "Jen can't do anything, "half-way" and he would be right. I couldn't help myself and went all out, as usual.

This school year, my girls, (in first, third and fourth grades, respectively) did an outstanding job!!! My little one received straight A's all four marking periods and took home the "Most Respectful" award. It means a lot to The Husband and I, since we try very hard to teach our girls, above all, to be respectful.

My third grader received straight A's this marking period and took home the "Best Listener" award. Which is another one of those awards The Husband and I are extremely proud of, considering, at home, Listening to us isn't always her strong suit...LOL

My oldest took home the "Highest Science Average" and "Highest Grammar Average" with all A's and two B+s. She was all steamed up about not pulling straight A's. The Husband and I put absolutely no pressure on her since no one is harder on herself than she is. No matter what we tell her, she always strives for perfection. So unlike the two of us....

All in all, it was a very productive and successful school year, Thank the Lord. As always, all the glory and honor for raising such great kids must go to HIM. All I can take credit for is PRAYER. Lots and lots of PRAYER. I'm looking forward to enjoying a fun-filled, relaxing summer with the girls before September creeps up and all of the chaos of starting school is here, once again.

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