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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Some very good Christmas presents I received, along with some very, very, bad.

Christmas Eve brought Santa Claus and lots of presents to my house. Some very good presents, but some very bad. Number One of the list of "not so good" gifts we received: the 2:00 a.m. wake up call of daughter #1 tossing her cookies and simultaneously blowing up the toilet; the unmistakable trademark of the dreaded Rota Virus. (See my old blog from back in July, titled "It's all fun and games until..." to learn how I really feel about this!) Needless to say, the virus has systematically been taking down each one of us ever since. I'm still a little under the weather, and just this morning the virus claimed it's fourth victim, daughter #2. The only one that has yet to be taken down is The Husband. He, however, has a stomach made of cast iron and super human resistance to all such plagues, so here's hoping it never does get him.

Second on my list of bad presents: a sewing kit. WTH? I don't sew. Not one stitch. Those of you who know me will recall the last time I used a sewing machine my thumb somehow got in the way and I sewed it to the freakin fabric! Could you imagine what I'd do with a needle and thread? Ugh. I'm a sewing disaster. The only thing worse than buying me a sewing kit would be buying me a scrapbook! I will, however, keep the stupid sewing kit, just in case my mother needs it or my daughters may one day have a desire to take this passion up :)

Third on my list of bad presents: I had already put an 11 pound spiral ham my parents gave us (and all the fixings) in the oven for Christmas dinner, before the virus called out my name. Only The Husband and daughter #2 were well enough at the time to eat any of it. Anyone care to share some recipes for left over ham? It would be greatly appreciated...

On the bright side, Christmas did bring a few good presents! Number one on that list: since I contracted the plague, I made it through the Holiday season without gaining any weight. Major accomplishment!

Second: Hands down best gift, my Wolverine Pez Dispenser I got in my stocking. Love it!

Third: Before we all got sick the MIL took all of her grandaughters, daughters, and daughters-in-law to go see A Christmas Carol, one of my all time favorite plays. It was fabulous and as usual, I cried like a baby through the entire show.

Fourth: Our wonderful, fantastic, good-looking neighbor who is AWESOME came to our house and snow blowed! How much do we love him? I would love him even if he wasn't so hot, but dang some people just have it all!

So overall: this Christmas, the good definitely outweighed the bad. And I will continue to keep Christmas in my heart all year long. As for you, I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted for Christmas and I wish you all a very Happy, HEALTHY, New Year!...xo

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