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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How new Jeans became a Christmas miracle..

I've learned that nothing can change your entire look, body shape and sense of personal style as quickly as a pair of jeans. I think it's safe to assume most of us have owned at least one pair of jeans in their lifetime. Some that we have loved and some that we hate, yet we all chose to wear them. I wear jeans pretty much every single day now, except on the rare occasions when I must dress up. And even then, I usually just opt to upgrade my usual t-shirt to a blouse and swap my sneakers for heels, but I still rock the jeans. Since I've lost so much weight, I was in dire need of buying some new jeans and this is what opened a whole can of worms for me.

I have to admit, I'd been putting off the shopping for new jeans for a really long time. Most people can't wait to try on new, smaller sizes, once they lose weight, but I had absolutely no clue where to start. I was really feeling like I didn't fit in anywhere anymore. The can of worms popped open the underlying issue at hand, which was much bigger than having to shop for new jeans, I was struggling hard to find a new sense of self.

My personal style had been lost. I didn't know who I was. I've gone through a lot of changes, and so had my style choices. I'm not out in the corporate world anymore, but I work my butt off from home. I'm not that young anymore, but I'm not that old, either. I'm not that thin, but I'm not that fat anymore either. Are you starting to see the pattern here? Surely, this was not going to be an easy task. After yet another round of miserable jeans shopping, I ended up with nothing. I was sincerely depressed. Nothing was making sense anymore and I began to despair. I almost gave up. Just when I wanted to throw in the towel and say forget this, I'm going to go eat a pizza, and just keep on wearing the same old, tired, baggy jeans I had been wearing all along, God sent me a Christmas miracle.

Two, beautiful, chic, fashion-forward, 20-something girls happened to waltz my way. They entered my personal space and altered it immediately with their air of confidence and Juicy couture. They were both wearing the hell out of their jeans and looked amazing. When they saw me sitting there in the sad, pathetic state I was in, they took pity on me. After hearing all about my trials and errors, they grabbed me by the hand and dragged me with them to a place I never would have thought my 39 year old ass should go. The Juniors Department.

They sized me up and in about 30 seconds they grabbed 10-15 pairs of jeans off the rack for me to try on. I began to stammer and protest but they made me promise not to say a word, until I tried them on. I would have never picked these particular styles of jeans for myself because: (1) I would never think they would fit me. (2) I thought they were styles that were way too young for a mom like me to wear. (3) These particular jeans were meant to be worn so tight they could be mistaken for pantyhose. But, at this point, what did I really have to lose?

My two new girlfriends stayed with me in the dressing room until I tried on every single pair of jeans they picked out for me. And do you know what? Those jeans looked GOOD! Yeah, I said it. I, looked GOOD. These girls knew what they were talking about. Then they even went and picked out some cute shirts and accessories for me too. They were incredibly supportive, made me laugh, and stopped me from my sniveling pity party. Ultimately, they did the impossible, they talked me into buying three pairs of jeans I absolutely would never have thought to buy. I am so grateful for these two angels/girls for their intervention and hooking a mamma up!

Thanks to my new friends, whenever I wear my new jeans, I no longer feel old, inappropriate or fat, which is pretty much as close to a Christmas miracle as you can get!!

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