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Friday, October 1, 2010

Motivator, please!

So lately my sister and I have been watching R movies on regular tv. Which is a good thing because all of the cusses are censored. And I really don't need to be hearing any more cuss words. But have you ever really heard what they come up with to substitute some cuss words with? Next time, listen closely, because we found what they come up with to be HILARIOUS!

Right off the bat, from the moment I heard it, I decided I was going to start using the network's substitute for MF'er. It happens to be a cuss word I'm infamous for amongst my friends. (Usually I say MFF'er under only the most dire circumstances, or when the Husband has pushed me beyond my limits) Now that I've heard the substitute, it has become my new favorite of all time!

At first it was very hard to distinguish what the actor was actually saying. After hearing MF dubbed out and the substitute repeated about ten times in a row we finally realized he was saying, Motivator! At one point, he even says it like, "Motivator, please." I almost pissed my pants.

This may be the break through I've been looking for to stop cussing. I've been trying in vain for years. So many times I have to catch myself and usually I wind up saying my own version of substitutes such as, "oh, shi-caca." Or "Blasterd" and now I can add to that awesome list, "Motivator, please". Rock on!

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