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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Date Night

Went on a date with the husband tonight, which is always an adventure. We wound up sitting in traffic for almost an hour on the Parkway since there was a huge accident. By the time we crawled off at our exit, we were late and starving. We definitely didn't have enough time to go out to eat before our movie started. I was upset, but thought, oh well, we'll just grab some popcorn and snacks and eat later.

Nothing ever deters the husband when he's hungry and determined. All of a sudden, he whips out his cell phone and starts ordering a freaggin pizza! First of all, we were far from home so just the fact that he knows the number of a pizza place all the way down in Hamilton is pretty hilarious already. Then there was our conversation. Here's how it went down- me "Hun, we have no time to stop for a pizza." The husband, "We've got plenty of time" me, "The movie starts in exactly one minute" the husband, "Yeah, I know, that's why I ordered it to go", me "Are you serious?" Husband, "I'll just take it in with us!!"

And that's exactly what he did! It's been 12 years and he still never ceases to amaze me. It also amazes me how no one ever stops him!!! If I tried to pull that off, no one would ever let me waltz into the theater carrying a large pie! Somehow, he just manages to get away with it. Cripe.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, even though he drives me out of my ever loving mind, I have to admit life, with him, has never, ever been boring.

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