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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Low BMI"

Just got back from the Dr.'s office and she told me I've lost 27 pounds since the last time I was there! Wait, what?

Ya, you heard me. Me, yes me who rocks a muffin top has been told that I have a low BMI...I am LMAO...Really? I guess I should retract my prior blog about the Rotavirus and begin singing its praises. Maybe I could somehow figure out how to funnel the germs into a drink and market it as the newest fad diet. I'd make a damn fortune!

Bottom line, I am shocked. Really, truly shocked. I knew I'd been losing weight but holy crap I usually have to sweat, bleed, cry and kick box my heart out to lose anything. Wow. Still in shock over here. Who knew the Rotavirus was all I needed to bring me back down to my wedding day weight! I wish I had recorded the Dr.'s voice so I could play it over and over again in my head.
This should not last long, so I would have liked to have kept it for prosperity.

Sorry I'm being redundant but I don't think I could ever hear or say it enough...

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