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Monday, July 5, 2010

It's been a long time. ...

Wow. It's been such a long time since I last blogged I kind of forgot where I left off...

I'm extremely grateful for my little brother and his superior intelligence in IT (it's awesome being related to the Geek Squad) He spent four hours at my house, two of which were on the phone with Verizon, a/k/a India, and then again with HP a/k/a India when he finally figured out the problem. I still don't totally understand it myself, something that has to do with the programs, which doesn't make sense to me, since I have a brand new computer, but whatever. Everyone who knows me knows I don't know jack about how computers work and I don't care as long as it actually does work!

In the meanwhile, I've been writing a lot and working with pencils and paper, which is a total pain. I have all of these little yellow post its with thoughts and ideas scribbled on them all over my house. Being able to sit here and type this out on the computer is such a gift, I'm not kidding, I can't wait to finish what I've started.

Just this morning, I had a new book idea. So I got up really early, put on a pot of coffee and thought, I'm just going to flesh this out real quick into an outline. But before you know it, it's almost 1:30 pm and I had the entire first chapter done!! The main character is really a challenge and I'm looking forward to exploiting all of her possibilities in the near future. Before I feel I can continue further, I must finish editing "Breaking Cardinale Rules". It's not technically ready to send to a publisher, yet. When I need a break from that, I'll work on the second book in that series, "Finding Moore". I started it while in Hawaii so I thought it only appropriate my characters start out there as well. It's a lot more intense than the first book, less introspective and lots of fun. Can't wait to see where this all takes me.

My kids and the husband are always saying, "Mom, your doing it again!" Doing what, I ask? "Staring at nothing." And I have to explain, (like I'm not totally insane and my explanation makes perfect sense) "I'm not staring at nothing, I see lots of things in my head!"

Any writer knows what I'm talking about. It just sneaks up on you sometimes, you can't help it. I can be out at the store, on the phone, anywhere really and a great plot or character just hits you, and you kind of explore it in your mind for a minute or two, (sometimes longer) and you get caught, just kind of staring at nothing. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about! LOL

I hope to have my work published in the near future and hopefully one day, when my kids are grown and I'm long gone they will be able to hold my books in their hands and say, "wow, she really did see lots of things in her head!!"

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