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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wii Miis and small victories!

My youngest daughter has been very busy entertaining herself by making new Wii Miis that are meant to represent family and friends. One Mii looked a little different. Here's how that conversation went,

Me: "Honey, who's that supposed to be?"
Daughter: "Oh, that's my tranny!"
(The husband proceeds to choke on his sip of after-dinner coffee.)
Husband: "What?"
Daughter: "That's my tranny, isn't he awesome?"
Me: "He is amazing honey"
Husband: "Why did you make a tranny?"
Daughter: "Because they are people too."

Touchdown. I consider this to be a huge mom victory. I am constantly pounding it into my kid's heads that people come in all shapes, sizes, colors, religions and sexual orientations. I have always hoped and prayed that they will never judge others by their outward appearance alone. Let's just say The Husband is a bit more, "conservative". He is a lot less open-minded than I am and we often go toe to toe because of it. So this meant A LOT to me. Now, every time we play Wii I can see my daughter's tranny fencing, playing tennis, boxing and just living large. And I'm loving it.

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