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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hugh Jackman is AMAZING, Duh.

It's been snowing incessantly and I am going a little stir crazy in the house. I had to put a stop to my watching of the X-men and Wolverine ad nauseum. My lusting after Hugh Jackman has reached an all time scary high and I felt very convicted. We all have our stumbling blocks, some people drink, some people smoke, I lust after Hugh Jackman.

So here are some of my favorite pics of him so I can justify the logic behind my lusting. He's just such a well- rounded guy.... he sings show tunes and loves to dance but can also kick your ass sideways if you make fun of him for it. (Not too many men fall into this special category.) Making him even more endearing is the fact that he really loves his wife and family and is not ashamed to say it. There is never any bad press about him, or any rumors of him messing around with the nanny or any other knob-like behaviour you normally see from Hollywood hotties.

It's snowing again and I have to pick a movie for the husband and I to watch. It amazes me after all of this time the only movie choice we ever agree on is if it has Hugh Jackman in it-I wonder if it's because he is secretly lusting after him too :)

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