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Friday, February 26, 2010

Combining our "Super Powers"

Last weekend I hosted a small dinner party for 10. My daughters wanted to have Italian food of course, so I made raviolis and a quick gravy (sauce for all of you non-Italianos) and meatballs. After I put it together, my mom called and told me she was making her gravy too; she put sausage and beef in hers. I told her to bring it over and we combined them.

Holy crap I swear it was like we combined our "super powers" because that was the best gravy I have ever tasted, EVER. It was amazing. I told the husband I couldn't wait to eat it again, with all of the leftovers. I dreamed about it, it was that good. My kids couldn't get enough of it either. Unfortunately, neither one of us thinks we could recreate the magic; it must stand alone in our memories. It is my new plan however, to combine our super powers for all of my dinner parties in the future!

The party was fun, the food was better than ever and all in all it turned out to be a really great night :)

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