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Sunday, January 31, 2010

So tired.

So tired. Spent the past two weeks being sick and taking care of sick kids, then trying to catch up on laundry and cleaning the house after being out of commission. My little one turned six but was too sick for her own birthday party. I had to cancel her party and move it to the next Saturday, wherein promptly at 6:00 (party time) it started snowing and we wound up having a full on blizzard. Kudos to the family who braved it all to come down here and party with us. It turned out to be a really great party after all. Birthday girl said, "I love my party, it was the best day ever!" My sister wound up sleeping over too b/c of the snow and we had so much fun!!

Unfortunately, I really haven't had the extra energy or time to work on my book. I was so tired and jacked up this week. Yesterday, I knew I had to go to Walmart so I actually got up, got dressed and was ready to leave by like 8:00 am. (I know so unlike me to be out and about that early) I got into the car and could not remember for the life of me what the heck I needed to buy. LOL I sat in my car for fifteen minutes (warming it up) and trying to remember. I still couldn't remember so I drove down the street to Bonnie's. After our usual coffee and book discussion, still couldn't remember. So I made Bon come with me and eventually SHE remembered what I told her I wanted b/c I had told her on the phone a few days before! LOL What the HELL am I gonna be like when I get old? I can't remember jack shit anymore and it's driving me crazy. Maybe it's the raging insomnia I suffer from. My sister used to tell me all the time if I didn't get enough sleep my synapsis wouldn't fire properly. (Yeah she talked to me like that for real-) I told her those bad boys hadn't been firing properly in a long, long time.

When my kids were babies I had to force myself to stay awake and pull all-nighters constantly. Because of that I have a really hard time falling asleep. My head just doesn't slow down and I lay there thinking up all of this crazy crap and all of the things I have to accomplish the next day. When I do finally fall asleep it's right before the stupid alarm goes off and I have to get up to get the girls ready for school. I've tried taking a lot of things but usually the only thing that works is I go for a while without sleep until one day I fall asleep on the couch right in the middle of folding clothes or eating dinner.

Funny thing is when I lived at home, wasn't married and didn't have any kids, I used to think I was tired. I really had no idea what tired even meant. Having kids redefines the word tired from the get go. Anyone who's ever been pregnant knows that first trimester tired is like having narcolepsy. You just randomly fall asleep where ever, whenever. The difference is, when your pregnant, you don't wake back up a few minutes later, you wake up the next day. And your still tired.

So here I sit, blogging away when I should be trying to get some work done on my book, or filling the dishwasher or figuring out what I need from the grocery store. Unfortunately, I know I won't get enough sleep tonight and my synapsis won't be firing again. Then I will just forget everything I have to do and will be right back where I started in the first place. So tired.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My husband...

Where do I start with My Husband; I could literally sit here and write a new post about him everyday and never run out of material. I met him on November 9th, 1996 and my life has never (and will never) be the same. This will not be a sloppy, gushy testament of my never ending love for him, or an all out bash of his character. No, this is something entirely different, just like him.

There are many days My Husband incites me to such violence I want to throw hard objects at him! Usually, I just wind up cussing him with such superior skill, I could make truck drivers and sailors blush. Then there are the many days My Husband is my anchor; instead of throwing things at him, I want to throw my arms around him and hug him with all my might and never let go. He is, if I could sum him all up in one word, a "character".

Everyone who knows my husband either loves him or hates him; I really haven't found anyone who can vacillate in between (other than me). He is embarrassing, charming, annoying, funny, outrageous, exasperating as all get out, I could go on and on.... One thing is for sure, he is NEVER boring. Each day I wake up and never know what I'm going to get.

When we meet new people, I always start out our introductions by giving them The Disclaimer: As in, "the opinions and comments of this program or (my husband) are not necessarily that of the network" (me). And I'm being serious. You can pretty much bet if you ask my husband his opinion on just about anything, it will be the exact opposite of mine. Once you get to know him, you'll realize how funny that is and you'll also realize it's not necessary to ask him his opinion on anything, it will always be given, whether you want him to or not.

However, that being said, My Husband is an awesome father. My girls are forever laughing at him and with him; they know he would do anything for them. Recently, he called off a fishing trip he really wanted to go on. Deciding instead, to stay home and bring the girls to the mall, (his least favorite place in the entire world) just because the girls really wanted to go. My oldest daughter started to cry, saying, "it's ok Daddy, you don't have to take us, you should get to spend time with your friends too." He turned to her and said "there is nothing more important to me in this world than being your Daddy and getting to spend time with you." (This is a good example of a day when I want to hug him)

What a conundrum he is! My husband can be a sexist pig, yet when I am sick, (which unfortunately, has been quite often over the years) he will cook, clean, make the beds and take care of the girls. He will even braid their hair and paint their nails. Some picture of a big "macho" man he makes, holding purple sparkly nail polish in his giant hands and hollering, "hold still or you'll smudge."

As I sit here writing this, I am laughing to myself, remembering all of the crazy projects and ideas he has put me through over the years. If I don't laugh, I might cry. He is, right now, off starting a new project to torment me with. It's his latest idea/desire to have a bathroom all to himself (a la Al Bundy). I'm calling it his "man can".

So, I will continue to post updates on "My Husband" -as long as he continues to find ways to make me fall in love with him all over again and simultaneously incite me to acts of violence...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A carside view of Alcatraz....

Me & A on Fisherman's Wharf, one of my fav places! (when I'm rocking the ponytails you know its been a bad hair day!)

Pic to the left, Adrienne, Me in the middle and Karen to the right. Below, Roch, sister A and Me

Pictures of me (my sister and friends) on a trip to San Francisco this past summer. My fav people, my fav city. Really miss my best friend, her family and California. Especially today, when it's like 15 miserable degrees in NJ. Now I am on a "Countdown to Kona"...which is my next destination in a few months. BTW that means I am kicking up my workouts to double time- Nothing more disgusting than a fat white tourist, I've got a lot of work to do. (PS these pics were taken, pre-weight loss. I consider them my "before" shots)

Still working on my book and I suck at computers...

Those of you who know me, know how challenged I am with using the computer. I locked myself out of this blog and could only post by using something from youtube and sending it as a message.. I finally got back into my real account today! What a dork.

Anyway, I am happy to report I am still plugging along with my book (it was slower than ever during the holidays) and I have about 320 pages written so far, pre-edit. I am starting to work on the ending/conclusion now. Since I am going to be making this a series, I feel I need to work the hardest on my conclusion. Don't you just hate it when you get to the end of a book and it leaves you feeling unsatisfied? Yes, authors want there to be a reason to go out and buy book two, but I want to leave the reader with some sense of closure. Fortunately, most of my book flowed pretty nicely, up until now. I'm finding the conclusion to be my biggest challenge. Funny, I had the conclusion finished in my head way before I even started Chapter One, yet here I am stuck on producing it. I still have the general idea ready, it just needs some work.

It has been really hard trying to get the time to write. When my family is home I have a terrible time concentrating and I am continually being interrupted. If I ever get to publish this book, I will always remember the moment my youngest daughter started yelling for me to come and "wipe her butt" right when I was working on a very crucial scene. So it goes..

I will keep posting my progress (if I don't lock myself out of my blog again) Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

[Les Miserables] 10th anniversary - On My Own

When I was in high school there was a certain drama teacher (MR. ART SMITH) who ridiculed me for loving Les Mis and this song. He told me when I grew up and got an education in broadway I would be embarrassed for loving this. Well guess what? I grew up and I still love Victor Hugo/Les Mis and this song! Yes, Les Mis was my first intro to Broadway however, I still love it and always will (maybe even for that reason alone). I also happen to think Eponine steals the show with this performance of On My Own. So Mr. Smith, you can kiss it and should be ashamed of yourself for trying to embarrass a teenager for loving ANY broadway show! BTW, I'm so glad despite your attempts to dissuade me, I ignored you and went on to love all kinds of broadway... So, go me!