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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How Did You Loose The Weight?

For the past eight months I've been eating healthy and diligently working out. I've found that if I do an hour or so of kickboxing, 4-5 times a week, I can eat one or two treats and still loose weight. Treats are VERY important to me. Growing up with an Italian mother, bread was my favorite utensil. For my own family however, I am trying to create a healthier, happier way of eating. Like when my kids fall down I don't say "it's going to be ok, here's a cookie"...this is what got me in so much trouble. (I seriously have the BEST mom in the whole world and mean no disrespect, everyone in my neighborhood would come to my house and tell my mom they fell just to get her cookies). Whenever something bad happened to me well, it's going to be ok, and you guessed it, I'd tell myself to have a cookie. Or two or three and then everything feels better for a little while. Well, it feels better until you catch a look at your ass in a three-way mirror at the mall. Damn. So there I was trying to quit treats "cold cookie" and it wasn't working. Not at all. I always failed and went on huge binges. Once I started kickboxing and just scaling back on how many cookies I ate, I actually lost a lot of weight. And inches and dropped a few sizes but more importantly, my skinny jeans fit. What a monumental moment, when my skinny jeans fit and I wore them out. It's one thing for them to fit, (on your bed, laying down, sucking it in with a rubber band closing the button and with your spanks on) another to take the look outside the home. I'll admit I was a little nervous but when I met up with one of my BFFs she said "holy crap Jen your a skinny bitch now". This is, of course, is the highest form of compliment one friend can pass to another. I finally feel like all of my hard work is paying off. Now come the questions. Everyone keeps asking me how did I do it? Did I have some work done, surgery? My answer to that is "hells no". Two words that will never go together for me: Elective and Surgery. Ok, then you must have joined the gym..No. I work out at home. For real. I don't want anyone watching me get all sweaty, out of breath, panting, boobs flying left and right and just looking busted every time I kickbox. NO gym, ok then again, with the questions, you must have joined WW or Jenny or bought the homegym or something? In all honesty I did none of the above. I refuse to spend my money on any of that. I'm not saying that those programs are bad, not at all, just not for me. I am not a joiner, I don't like other people telling me what I can or cannot eat. None of that works for me. So as long as I can keep eating my treats and losing weight...to answer all of those questions, kickboxing at home, while eating cookies... is how I lost the weight.

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