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In case any of my friends or family members actually read this Blog, please consider all Names, Characters, Places and Incidents to be the product of the author's imagination and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locales are entirely COINCIDENTAL...Muaaah!! Now, really, about me: I bring the crazy wherever I go, so I've been told...I make fun of myself more than anyone else ever could. I hate: the awkward silence in elevators, watches with no numbers, picky eaters, Cancer and legalism. I love: coffee, stalking Hugh Jackman, my Spanx, COMMENTS, sarcasm and writing: Middle Grade, NA, YA Paranormal and Urban Fantasy.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Going from "Miss to Mam"

Recently, I met a group of people who, upon meeting me, said with such shock "you're 37!" they were completely taken aback. But why? Were they shocked because I look so good (one can wish) or were they shocked because I act so immature for my age (probably). I am not really sure if I should have taken their shock as a compliment or not. Over the past few years I have noticed the gradual shift in people who have stopped calling me miss and started calling me mam. I could blame it on the three kids I have in tow everywhere I go or maybe the stubborn grays that now peek through my normally brown mass of hair. In either event, I am 37 and by all means should be considered a mam and I should be ok with that. Its just that inside, I still feel and think like I did when I was a miss. Only when I look in the mirror, a mam is staring back.

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