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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A-Z Theme Reveal

Last year was my first foray into the A-Z Challenge. I decided to buck convention and not choose a theme. Actually, I kind of chose anarchy for my theme. Believe it or not,  it really worked well for a freak like me. After lots of contemplation and tossing around a bunch of ideas, I think I have to stick to what works best for me: non-convention. So sorry peeps, but this Bird is just going to have to fly THEMELESS, once again.

I'm especially psyched for the A-Z Challenge this year because my daughter Faith (Faith's A Foodie CU) just decided to join in! It's going to be awesome to share this experience with her. She has been so consumed with activities and academics she has let her food blog kind of slip away from her. But she really loves it and thought joining in the challenge would help re-motivate her. Fingers crossed we can both cross that finish line!

Here's my little foodie in front of a French bistro she insisted we try while vacationing in Gettysburg, PA.
She loves to eat out and sample all kinds of  foods. Don't let her age fool you. This little girl has an AMAZING palette and can throw down with the best of them in the kitchen. Please don't take my word for it.
Look her up during the A-Z Challenge and see for yourself  :)


  1. I bet her theme is food!
    Glad you are both on board. If no theme works for you, go for it. Did that the first year and I was a mess...

  2. You know me Alex, I'm already a hot mess. Not much I can do about that. LOL Not having a theme plays out well for an ADD type personality like mine. My daughter on the other hand, is a type- A. And yep, her theme IS food. Check out her blog on April 1 for A is for Athenian Cheesecake. She just signed up like yesterday and yet, already has almost all of her posts mapped out and written already. Meanwhile, her momma will be sitting here March 31st at 12:00 midnight still scrambling around for A is for....whaaaa?

  3. A is for awesome! I can't wait to see Faith's foodie posts and to read from Jaybird, one of my favorite bloggers, everyday for a month. What a treat!

  4. that's pretty cool, I don't think my city has one single French restaurant

  5. Awesome! I did the trivia last year and my boys helped. They were disappointed I opted out this year, but had to. Still trying to maintain my sanity!

  6. Hey, we love breaking the rules when it comes to blog stuff, so you'll hear no complaints from us. So.. what's this about food?

    (Oh, and thanks for putting up our gif! We really appreciate it!)

  7. Go kick the themesters ass this year! Wait, I have a theme. Oh well, your daughter looks very happy and every child has something they enjoy doing. Eating and expanding your palette is definitely not a bad thing. Lord knows some kids go out and do worse.

  8. Wow, you are brave with the themeless thing. I am glad I get to join in the fun this year.

  9. It's really interesting, looking forward great posts....

  10. If it ain't broke....don't fix it :) I'm sure you'll do great, just like last year, and it's very cool that your little girl is doing the challenge along with you.

  11. Looking forward to your and Faith's posts. I hope she is including recipes.

  12. Good luck with the A-to-Z challenge! A themeless theme is always fun... ;)

  13. Oh, golly, I forgot that the A-Z Challenge is soon to start. I should go for it. Year two. I have a little bit too much going on right now. I hope you and your daughter have fun. Hugs!

  14. Good luck with the challenge. I signed up just before you at http://ayfamilyhistory.blogspot.com.au . We are a day ahead of you so it is already April Fool's Day here in Australia

    Anne from Ballarat

  15. I'm back this year to see what you do with the A to Z but I'm really glad to find that Faith's A Foodie is your daughter. It is an incredible blog and so very well done.

    1. Ah, thank you Ann. She is very excited to take this challenge with her crazy mom. She is one talented kid, if I do say so myself.