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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

JayBird's Do's and Don'ts When Visiting the Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD

JayBird's List of Do's and Don'ts When Visiting Inner Harbor
DO: Stay at the Renaissance HarborPlace Hotel.  Not just because  the name is cool, but because it's all about Location, Location, Location. You can walk to everything. And, the hotel staff  is amazing! They are warm, friendly and just so darn welcoming. The Awesome People Who Work There Are: Clifton, Derek, Perrisha, Angel and Antonio, just to name a few :) Plus, you have access to this mall from inside the hotel. Very convenient.
DON'T: Forget about the hot tub after a  long day of walking around The Harbor.  
DO: Get out of the hot tub when a guy in a teeny, weeny, white Speedo (ewww!) gets in and sits down right beside you. Uh, yeah. I had to go after that.
DO: Go to the Club Lounge for hors d'oeuvres and dessert. I had lots of coffee, yummy brie and chocolate cake. Not necessarily in that order.
DON'T: Forget your room number, or to write it down on something. You won't find it on the key card. If I didn't hear The Husband's giant mouth coming from our room, I'd still be blundering my way around the hallways, searching for it.
DO: GO to the Maryland Science Center, it's awesome.
DON'T: WIMP OUT!! Allow your kids to try the Cricket Spit.( Gotta give a shout out to my oldest Faith, who spit her cricket a very impressive 12 feet, woot woot!) Please,
Don't freak out like some of the uptight yuppie-type parents I saw this weekend. Let your freaking kid taste the Cricket Praline Crunch.  (Even I tasted it.... It's a bit nutty.)
Do: Explore the entire Harry's Big Adventure: My Bug World, and Take a free picture with Harry the Giant Premantis, who's shamelessly promoted by Terminix... Also, try and catch the IMAX, I-Sea Rex 3D show. The kids absolutely loved the giant marine reptiles and I enjoyed the chance to sit down, nosh on some popcorn and rest for a spell :) 

DO:  Go to the National Aquarium. But be prepared for crowds on the weekend.

But, DON'T: BE CHEAP and not spend the extra $4.00 to see the Dolphin Show. It is well worth it.

DO: GO ON THE DRAGON BOATS (Cause it's fun and good exercise and you can take lots of pictures from the water that come out cool.)
Finally, Jaybird's  #1 INNER HARBOR DON'T:
PLEEASE DON'T:Go looking for Edgar Allen Poe's House by yourself, when it's getting dark, without packing heat or a POLICE ESCORT, or a clue about how sketch the neighborhood is...no pics of my stupidity (or underwear) need to be published here.  Enough said. 

Here are some extra random tips and pics from visiting Inner Harbor:
DON'T: go into the Rainforest Exhibit in the Aquarium if you suffer from claustrophobia, like me. Here I am taking a moment after a serious freak out/panic attack afterward. 

View of the mast on this tall ship from the hotel Starbucks. Oh, yeah, did I mention there's a Starbucks, in the lobby of this hotel? Oh, how I love that place.  

Jelly Exhibit at the Aquarium. I skipped this cause I ain't beat.  I learned my lesson after visiting the rain forest and suffering from a total nuclear meltdown little freak out so I sent The Husband and kids on ahead without me.

Despite the few set backs, we had an amazing time in Baltimore this weekend.. hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I enjoyed mine.


  1. wow! Looks like a great place and a fantastic time! Glad to have discovered your blog;)

  2. Hey Creepy! So happy you found my blog. Thanks for the follow. Go visit Inner Harbor if you get the chance. This weekend was brilliant. Well, erm, except for me almost biting it while trying to visit Edgar Allen Poe's house....but I won't be repeating that mistake, anytime soon. LOL

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