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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How The H Did You Two Meet?

How did you two meet? I get this question, a lot. It's usually the follow up to, "That's your husband?!?" or the ever popular, "You're with him?"  I promised a while back I would blog about how someone like me, met and married someone like The Husband. I figure now that I have more than two followers that aren't my sister and myself, (and we already know the story) I would honor that promise. So here it is: I met The Husband on a BLIND  DATE.

Logically you must have come to this same conclusion. How else could he have gotten me to go out with him? Now, don't be sitting there being all judgy, or feeling sorry for him, because I don't come close to The Husband's first round draft pick either! It's just fact. If we would have spotted each other out, it would not have been love at first sight. We never would have met!

From my point of view, who in their right mind would approach such a feral beast? One does not approach a large, rabid animal, without a slab of raw meat or some sort of weapon handy to beat it off, right? Dear God, if I would've seen The Husband in his natural environment, (or a bar) making his way towards me, I would've run away, as fast as I could in three inch heels...  From  his point of  view,  if he saw me in all of my giant hair, perfumed, fake nail, way over-the-top made up splendor, he would've thought, Holy High Maintenance Bat Man! That girl has zero chance of survival. Yep, The Husband would have looked me up and down and in a hot second decided I was one thing and one thing only: A TOTAL LIABILITY!  I was weak, the runt of the litter, something better off left alone, to fend for itself and eventually die.

So how in the world, when we did meet, did we wind up falling for each other? THIS, is a great question. For our date, The Husband called and invited me over to his house, wanting to wow me with his culinary skills. (FYI, I was not in the habit of going to strange beast's lairs, and if I didn't know the person who hooked us up was in Law Enforcement and I trusted him, I never would've gone into said lair alone.) And that first night, The Husband did tone down his animal nature quite a bit. Even toned done, I was still left wondering if a such a caveman could ever actually evolve..and would it be worth it to give it a go?  But I also knew, without a doubt in my mind,  there's one thing The Husband would never be, and that's a bore! And to me, there is nothing worse than a boring yes man. At this point in Jaybird's life,  I already had my share of them... Soo when I looked at The Husband that night, I think I found him to be quite literally, the biggest challenge I had ever come across. He was everything I was not. And I liked it.

The Husband has his own version of what he thought of me, that first night. He swears he knew he wanted to marry me by the time we had finished eating dinner. And once he set his sights on something he wants, he will use every means necessary to acquire it.  Why in the world then, after dessert, did he whip out his arsenal of guns, bows, targets, knives, swords, nun chakus, and throwing stars, in an effort to impress me? To this day, he cringes about almost losing me, right then and there. But when his usual mating rituals fell flat, he instinctively knew it was time to switch tactics, and fast. With some quick thinking, he transitioned our conversation into him leaving in three weeks, for Paris Island. He had just enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and while he was away, would I please write to him? Ouch. My weak spot.. He found it, and used it to his advantage, of course. Writing? How could I say no to that? It was through those letters The Husband was able to convince me, that despite our differences, we were meant to be together.  At heart, Jaybird is just a hopeless romantic, and a giant sucker for a man in uniform, so there it is and here we are, still going strong...some fifteen years later.

It hasn't always been easy, but I can't think of  life in the Bird's Nest without The Husband. BTW he's still every bit  the same caveman/beast as the night I met him. No attempts at taming him, have ever been successful. On the other hand, I haven't miraculously become maintenance free either! Oh, we argue and fight. Oh, how we fight! Through the years, he learned to compromise, and I learned to stand my ground. I had to, otherwise he would just roll over me like a Sherman Tank. It's the little things, that show me he cares. Like how he generously added a little shelf in his Doomsday Bunker, just for my hair/nail care products and  make-up, so I could continue looking my best, even in the  Apocalypse.  Somehow, someway, in this world that has a 50% divorce rate, we just work.  :)

How about you? How did you meet your partner/significant other? Match.com? At church? In a bar?

Give me a shout out, I'd love to hear all about it!!


  1. Great story! (But I think you mean lair not liar!!!)
    I met my husband online – back in the days when that was a rare thing!

    1. Hey Cathy-OOPS, sorry about the typos. Thanks for catching them! You met online before it became popular? How avant-garde and brave of you! A single friend told me recently that more people meet online, than any other way these days. How long have you been married?

    2. This time around? (LOL!) Nearly two years - but we lived together for several years first!

    3. Nice-you broke him in first. Well played. Hey, it's almost time for Biggest Loser! Gotta go watch them try Zumba. Can't wait to watch them do it..

  2. Well, I am not in the demographic to say where I met my currently non-existing husband (heck, I don't even have a boyfriend) but I will say this: congratulations to you two going on for fifteen years!

    (And what Cathy said: lair, not liar.) ;)

    -Barb the French Bean

    1. Lovely- I put liar instead of lair! That's what you get when you blog before 8:00 a.m. and coffee. Changing it now. Thanks!!

    2. Bon jour Barb- Can I tell you a little secret? I envy your demographic! Cause, as much as I love The Husband, boy do I miss those single lady days...LOL

      Please forgive me for the typos! So sorry. I'll proof read a bit better next time. I hope it won't deter you from coming back and visiting again soon! ~Jaybird

  3. Oh that is a great story. Very intriguing. I don't have one to share myself, I haven't found a guy for me just yet. Hopefully one will come along.

    Hehe I loved the comment about going into his lair alone hehe.

    1. Hi Eve! Thanks so much for popping in and commenting. You are so sweet and have the most beautiful smile. I'm certain you will meet the right one. But whatever you do, don't rush into anything or settle for anyone less than fabulous! I had to kiss a lot of frogs before I met my beast. (Beast is just a more appropriate moniker than Prince, in my situation.) LOL

  4. I met Miss-Matic in a club. I was being grumpy. She asked me if I had a light - even though she didn't smoke - as an excuse to talk to me. I told her I didn't smoke, and turned away.

    Fortunately, she's quite persistent. We've been together years.

    I never call things sweet, but adding a shelf to his doomsday bunker for you probably gets pretty close!

  5. I think I like Miss Persistent-Matic, a lot. Sounds like a girl after my own heart.

    Adding my shelf, was a huge sacrifice. Not sure if I would call it sweet or self-serving. The Husband's prepared for anything, he WILL survive an Apocolypse. But I don't think he could survive being trapped in a bunker with me, bitching about my lack of hair products, for the rest of his life...LOL