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Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Fact or Fiction

I'm going to start a post on Fridays, called  Fact or Fiction.  I want to do this because whenever I share a life experience, people usually tell me  (1) I'm full of shite, or (2) These things only happen to YOU, or  (3) You should really write this stuff down! 

SO-here's the deal. I'm going to write three random bits about something that may or may not have happened to Jaybird, and you (hopefully) will be interested enough to vote on whether or not you think what I've posted is Fact or Fiction.  And, if you'd like to share three Fact or Fiction Facts back, I wouldn't hate it!!!!

(1) Once upon a time,  in a drastic effort to loose weight, Jaybird  may or may not have hired a very expensive and extremely HAWT personal trainer. But after several weeks of starving herself, Jaybird went off the wagon and made a  run for the Border.  She inhaled three TACO BELL Bean Burrito Extremes, before her work out session. And, tragically, when aforementioned Mr. Hotty Mc Hotty personal trainer was holding her feet and was all up in her business while she did sit ups, Jaybird may or may not have erm, inadvertently, let one rip, right in his face! Which abruptly ended her work out session. And any and all contact with the hawt personal trainer, out of sheer MORTIFICATION, from that day forward.

(2) Once upon a time, Jaybird had an extremely important JOB  INTERVIEW in Marketing/Public Relations. She was so nervous about her job interview, she may or may not have forgotten to look at the number on the office suite door, upon entering. Jaybird was ushered in to see the CEO very quickly. She proceeded to wow him with her resume. The boss stares at her oddly, but announces he's very impressed, and would like her to start immediately! When Jaybird triumphantly marches into Human Resources to fill out all of the necessary paperwork, she may  or may not have looked at their letterhead, and suddenly realize, she has just been hired by THE WRONG COMPANY!!!

(3) Once upon a time, Jaybird took a group of Youth Group kids from her church, to an amusement park. Because Jaybird and some of the teenagers get sick on roller coasters that go upside down, they sat on a bench, waiting for the others. A group of "special needs" individuals start to make their way towards the giant roller coaster and the bench upon which Jaybird sits. One individual, spots Jaybird, and makes a beeline for her. He may or may not JUMP UP ONTO HER LAP  AND TRIES TO MAKE OUT WITH HER! Jaybird does not know what the H to do. She would like to scream and cuss, and push him up off of her, but feels badly, because HE's SPECIAL and THERE ARE CHURCH KIDS ALL AROUND HER, LAUGHING THEIR ASSES OFF. So she ran  but he may or may not have CHASED HER. All the while screaming, "Come back girlfriend, come back!!"

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! Please vote on which little anecdote is  FACT OR FICTION. As always, I love any and all comments. Voting will officially end on Saturday though. Thanks!


  1. Oh, fun idea... and since I have no clue... I am guessing only the 3rd is true, but the other two have some truth to them...

  2. Hart- I'm so glad you thought this was a good idea, because I don't think anyone else did, LOL. Oh well, c'est la vie. The truth is, (1), (2) and (3) are all: FACT!!

    (2) and (3), both really happened to me. #(1) DID NOT happen to Jaybird, cause there's no way I could ever afford to hire that hawt personal trainer, BUT this IS a true story. It really happened to one of my besties :)

    Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for participating!!