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Friday, January 13, 2012

Parisian Cowgirl

I have always encouraged my daughters to pick out their own clothes. I want them to feel out their own sense of style and what works for them. Sometimes, what they pick out is a huge MISS. And it kills me... but I let them go out in the misses. (Unless they are really inappropriate like shorts in the dead of winter, etc.) Bottom  line, I want them to be comfortable with their choices, despite how I feel. So I suck it up and keep my big trap shut. And every so often, I fall in LOVE with what they wear.

This is what my little one (Franchesca a/k/a Frankie) came up with yesterday. She calls her look  "Parisian Cowgirl"  Well, bonjour y'all... This is  a definite HIT for me. I love it! It may just be a passing phase, but I am really truly loving this one.

My little Franchesca, living up to her name, has become quite the Francophile. She is obsessed with France and is trying to learn as much French as she possibly can. She also started to kiss me on both cheeks, "Faire la Bises" style. As if that wasn't enough, then she started a collection of Eiffel Towers, and has placed them all around her bedroom, in a little Parisian shrine. C'est adorable!  Before she'll step one  foot outside the house, she must, must, must, have that little black beret on top of her head!!

What was the first look you remember you positively just had to have?  The first thing I can remember that I just had to have, ( and I totally hate to admit this because it makes me feel really, really old) were.... Madonna's rubber bracelets !!

And you couldn't have just one, no way! You had to wear no less than twenty seven and you had to keep piling them on until you smelled like a Goodyear tire before you had that fad on lock down. Leave me your comments, I'm dying to know what fads made #1 on your list.

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