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Monday, January 2, 2012

No Kiss Blog Fest

So, here's my Entry to the Fabulous Frankie Diane Mallis, 3rd Annual No Kiss Blog Fest!! This is a no-kiss scene from one of my own manuscripts. “Breaking Cardinale Rules” Please don't hate too hard. Thanks...

I made Drew take me to the boardwalk. It had been so long since I'd had any fun, and I guessed someone like Drew, had never been there before. And I was right. As we walked along the boards, I made him stop periodically and do all of the worst, most touristy things you could possibly do. 

It was wicked fun, almost like a date. At first he would not relax at all, because of all the people and noise and general commotion. He protested a lot. But I teased him out of his self-imposed up-tightness as much as I possibly could.

I bated him into playing some of the games, knowing how naturally competitive he is. Did it surprise me that he won, every single time? Nope. Ring toss, darts, shot gun (of course) basketball, frog bog, you name it, he won it. After I had about twenty ginormous stuffed animals too many, Drew decided it wouldn't be fair, if he kept playing. I suggested he take the extras and hand them out to all the little kids that walked by, and actually had enough guts to approach him. The vendors were delighted when we walked away.

Boardwalk pizza is insanely good, so I made sure he tried a slice. Of course, I insisted on funnel cakes for desert. He drew the line when I suggested the fun house, mumbling something like, “too many variables” so I didn't push it. But I did torture him, until he agreed to sit in one of those little photo booths and take pictures with me. It's a really small seat, and instead of sitting sideways and all awkward, I just jumped right onto his lap. Taking someone like Drew by surprise, was more fun than any of the rides. He recovered, and then shocked me, when I felt his lips brush by my neck and settle near my ear. He leaned in and whispered, “Thank you.”

My smile in those pictures was so incredibly broad, it made Julia Robert's look small. Drew didn't smile. On film, the innate beauty I can see inside him, kinda got lost in the translation. He wound up looking like he did when anyone else looked at him: absolutely terrifying. Before I could comment, he snatched the pictures from my hand and put them in his wallet. At first, I was kinda taken back, but then I decided that it was all kinds of awesome.

How I convinced him to get on the Ferris Wheel, I'll never know. When it stopped at the top, he looked at me, with those fierce green eyes and that all-encompassing intensity of his. All the noises of the boardwalk faded into silence, the bright lights died away, and I swear his stare laid me so bare, I felt like a ripe banana, he just peeled. The wind picked up and that stinking Ferris Wheel carriage started swaying back and forth, making my stomach feel as uncomfortable as my mind.

Would Drew, try and make a move on me? Would he kiss me? And considering how broken and dead I am inside, would I actually want him to?

He leaned closer, then closer still, until he was just inches from my face. Deep down inside, I felt something ignite. It was a slow burn, just a spark, mind you, but enough for me to know, if I gave place to it, it could quickly turn to flames. I didn't think it was possible for me to feel this, or want to feel this, with anyone, ever again. But there it was, desire. I wanted Drew. I wanted Drew to kiss me and reignite that desire inside me, more than I wanted my next breathe. Unfortunately, this revelation came a little too late. Because it was then I realized, Drew hadn't been leaning in to kiss me, at all. He was only leaning towards me to get a closer look at something down below us, on the boardwalk. What an idiot I am.

“What is it Drew?”

“On your left, below. Man in the brown leather jacket?”
“Um, yeah.”

“Subcompact Glock 27, right breast pocket. It's a common off-duty cop weapon, but I'll keep an eye on him, all the same.”

That's what I get for thinking GI Drew was about to kiss me, or relax, even for a second. It was pretty much at that point, I longed for nothing more than a ride to take my idiotic ass, home.


  1. Great fun and tension, but I really loved the surprise at the end.

  2. This has great voice! I feel kind of sad for her that he wasn't leaning in for a kiss after all, though :(

  3. Tricia, thank you so much for your comments. I truly appreciate the feedback!!

    Amalia, thank you so much for complimenting the voice! It means a lot b/c it has taken me forever to try and get hers right.

  4. Awww, really wanted him to kiss her! Also I loved the boardwalk setting! Thanks for participating!

  5. A fellow Jersey girl! I loved seeing this oh-so familiar setting and, wow. I kind-of wanted to smack Drew at the end (well, after making him kiss her!)

  6. Hey Jaybird, nice to meet you. Nice voice for her. Cool demeanor for him. I think it worked well.

    Beautiful site.I'll be back.

  7. T/Y all for your gracious comments. Putting your work out there, is never an easy thing for me!!

    *Many, many times I wanted to smack Drew and his voice out of my head, but it hasn't happened yet. :)
    *Frankie-t/y for hosting. I had a great time reading all of the other entries.
    *Faraway, t/y so much for following; please do come back and visit. I'll be looking forward to it!

  8. Fun and curious!

    though I would have LOVED to see their actual interactions during this: "...I teased him out of his self-imposed up-tightness..." especially since you began that paragraph with the line, "It was wicked fun..." I was eager to see them interact.

    Seeing the scene play out, rather than have the events summarized, would definitely be enjoyable.

  9. Monkey-I appreciate the insightful critique. Great point-I will revise this scene to include more interaction. And, I hope you are feeling better! :)