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Saturday, January 14, 2012

In need of a new look.

After seeing my daughter invent a new look for herself, I decided it's time I did too. And it's way, way overdue. I've had long, straight, boring hair for years.This is a recent pic and a good example of how long and boring it is right now:

Make-up, I can put on all day long, it's one of my fav activities. Hair, I expend the least amount of effort possible. And it shows. So, now it's time for a new look. I need something updated, but not too edgy or old lady. Being 40 is kind of hard. I'm not that young, but I'm not ready to collect Social Security yet  either.  Hmmm. Any suggestions?


 Here is what I might consider....maybe these looks are already outdated, or kind of classic? Any suggestions always make me ridiculously happy, and are greatly appreciated!!!  Thanks-

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