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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

little update...

Just a little update on what I've been up to since my extremely depressing Stugglin' blog...

*My kids are all feeling much better and back to being well. Thank God!!
*My house is in much, much better shape. I've torn apart my kitchen, bathrooms, bedroom, kids rooms and dining room and cleaned them top to bottom. My family room still needs a lot of organization but it is a whole lot better than what it was before. When I come home now and walk in the door, I am genuinely happy instead of wanting to scream and run away, so, Big Improvement there.
* My sense of humor has returned, unfortunately it brought my fat ass a long with it!

Sorry to admit it but I'm still strugglin' with:
*My fatness. Not a lot of improvement to note on my body yet, (damn Girl Scout cookies) but I'm working on it. I would love to report that I've gotten right back to where I was before, but I'm nothing but honest, so as hard as it is to admit it, I'm still trying to pull it together in this department. I'll keep you posted.
Last but not least,
*The doctor just told the Husband two more weeks before he can return to work.. When she says "two more weeks" its kinda like when a contractor promises you the job will be finished in two weeks. So,yeah, I'm not holding my breath. And I'm trying to "embrace the suck" of him being here, looking over my shoulder all day long, for a little while longer.

All in all, I can't complain because for the most part, I am back to feeling like my old self again. For that, I am truly grateful! Happy Spring everyone :)

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