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In case any of my friends or family members actually read this Blog, please consider all Names, Characters, Places and Incidents to be the product of the author's imagination and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locales are entirely COINCIDENTAL...Muaaah!! Now, really, about me: I bring the crazy wherever I go, so I've been told...I make fun of myself more than anyone else ever could. I hate: the awkward silence in elevators, watches with no numbers, picky eaters, Cancer and legalism. I love: coffee, stalking Hugh Jackman, my Spanx, COMMENTS, sarcasm and writing: Middle Grade, NA, YA Paranormal and Urban Fantasy.

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Phantom Crapper

There's a Phantom Crapper who haunts my house,
Haven't caught him yet, but I'll flush him out.

You never know when or where you will find,
The irrefutable evidence he leaves behind.

Upstairs, downstairs, master, even the half bath,
None of them have escaped his malodorous wrath.

Phantom Crapper, there's one thing I know,
and that's you always reap what you sow.

Because if I catch you in the act, just
consider it your last, Phantom Crap.

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