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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Road to NOWHERE....

This weekend my family and I went on a road trip to PA. Normally, PA is a favorite destination of ours. Hershey, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Gettysburg, Poconoes, Love them! But that's not where we went this time. This time, we were invited to a wedding in a place way past all of our usual destinations, to a little spot called Entriken.

If anyone is reading this that's from that "town" I will just go ahead and apologize right now...I'm sorry!

Because, Oh. My. Word. That place is insane. It's literally in the middle of nowhere!! There was no cell phone service and there were no street signs. The roads there are SO CRAZY: narrow, windy, side to side, up and down, just completely nauseating!! We got so lost and without a signal on our cell phones, no GPS or no where to stop for directions, it got pretty hairy. Not to mention the super-sized bugs flying all around, hitting our windshield at warp speed; they scared the crap out of me. I was petrified of opening my window even a crack to let in the much needed fresh air, less I also let in mothra or a swarm of giant locusts with it. There are no stores, no where to buy gas, and not so much as one rest area. (Which is pretty much crucial for a car load of 3 little girls and one big one!) By the time we did get to our location, (Lake Raystown Resort) I was never so happy in my whole life.

It was really beautiful, except I was so damaged from the ride, I couldn't fully appreciate it. It took me a few hours to recover before I started to look around the resort and admire all of its amenities.

The wedding itself was wonderful. It had started to rain, but by the time the ceremony took place the storm clouds dissipated and the sun came out. It turned out to be a sunny day with a cool breeze, not bad for late August. The food was really good and the company even better. My little one danced her little feet off. A few people mentioned to my husband and I that we should provide her with dancing lessons, since she's really good.

Although it was a really fantastic day, in the back of my mind, all I kept thinking about was the hell ride we must take to get us back home. It's times like these I wish Star Trek was real and "Beam me up Scottie" was a viable option for me..

We managed to make it back home unscathed, although there was a really close call with the potty (my bad for drinking too much coffee) and one or two wrong turns along the way...all in all PA will still be a favorite vacation destination for us, we just won't be visiting the town of Entriken, any time soon. Or ever again. xo

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